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Entry: PS00796

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] 1433_1
Accession [info] PS00796
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-DEC-1992 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00633

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] 14-3-3 proteins signature 1.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 141 in 141 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 141 in 141 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 2
Number of 'partial' sequences 6
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 98.60 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
141 sequences

14310_ARATH (P48347    ), 14310_SOLLC (P93207    ), 14311_ARATH (Q9S9Z8    ), 
14312_ARATH (Q9C5W6    ), 14331_ARATH (P42643    ), 14331_CAEEL (P41932    ), 
14331_ECHGR (Q9U408    ), 14331_ECHMU (Q24902    ), 14331_ENTHI (P42648    ), 
14331_MAIZE (P49106    ), 14331_ORYSJ (Q84J55    ), 14331_SCHMA (Q26540    ), 
14331_SOLLC (P93206    ), 14331_SOLTU (Q41418    ), 14332_ARATH (Q01525    ), 
14332_CAEEL (Q20655    ), 14332_ECHGR (Q8MUA4    ), 14332_ECHMU (Q8MM75    ), 
14332_ENTHI (P42649    ), 14332_MAIZE (Q01526    ), 14332_ORYSJ (Q7XTE8    ), 
14332_SCHMA (Q26537    ), 14332_SOLLC (P93208    ), 14332_SOLTU (Q43643    ), 
14333_ARATH (P42644    ), 14333_ENTHI (P42650    ), 14333_ORYSJ (Q6ZKC0    ), 
14333_SOLLC (P93209    ), 14334_ARATH (P46077    ), 14334_ORYSJ (Q2R2W2    ), 
14334_SOLLC (P42652    ), 14335_ARATH (P42645    ), 14335_ORYSJ (Q6EUP4    ), 
14335_SOLLC (P93210    ), 14335_SOLTU (P93784    ), 14336_ARATH (P48349    ), 
14336_ORYSJ (Q06967    ), 14336_SOLLC (P93211    ), 14337_ARATH (Q96300    ), 
14337_SOLLC (P93212    ), 14338_ARATH (P48348    ), 14338_SOLLC (P93213    ), 
14339_ARATH (Q96299    ), 14339_SOLLC (P93214    ), 1433A_HORVU (P29305    ), 
1433A_SOYBN (Q96450    ), 1433A_TOBAC (P93342    ), 1433A_VICFA (P42653    ), 
1433B_BOVIN (P68250    ), 1433B_CHICK (Q5ZLQ6    ), 1433B_HORVU (Q43470    ), 
1433B_HUMAN (P31946    ), 1433B_MACFA (Q4R572    ), 1433B_MOUSE (Q9CQV8    ), 
1433B_PONAB (A4K2U9    ), 1433B_RAT   (P35213    ), 1433B_SHEEP (P68251    ), 
1433B_SOYBN (Q96451    ), 1433B_TOBAC (O49995    ), 1433B_VICFA (P42654    ), 
1433B_XENTR (Q5XGC8    ), 1433C_SOYBN (Q96452    ), 1433C_TOBAC (P93343    ), 
1433D_SOYBN (Q96453    ), 1433D_TOBAC (O49996    ), 1433E_BOVIN (P62261    ), 
1433E_CHICK (Q5ZMT0    ), 1433E_DROME (P92177    ), 1433E_HUMAN (P62258    ), 
1433E_MOUSE (P62259    ), 1433E_RAT   (P62260    ), 1433E_SHEEP (P62262    ), 
1433E_TOBAC (O49997    ), 1433F_BOVIN (P68509    ), 1433F_HUMAN (Q04917    ), 
1433F_MOUSE (P68510    ), 1433F_RAT   (P68511    ), 1433F_TOBAC (O49998    ), 
1433G_BOVIN (P68252    ), 1433G_CHICK (Q5F3W6    ), 1433G_HUMAN (P61981    ), 
1433G_MOUSE (P61982    ), 1433G_PONAB (Q5RC20    ), 1433G_RAT   (P61983    ), 
1433G_SHEEP (P68253    ), 1433I_PLAF7 (C0H4V6    ), 1433S_BOVIN (Q0VC36    ), 
1433S_HUMAN (P31947    ), 1433S_MOUSE (O70456    ), 1433S_SHEEP (O77642    ), 
1433T_BOVIN (Q3SZI4    ), 1433T_CHICK (Q5ZMD1    ), 1433T_HUMAN (P27348    ), 
1433T_MOUSE (P68254    ), 1433T_PONAB (Q5RFJ2    ), 1433T_RABIT (Q6Q6X0    ), 
1433T_RAT   (P68255    ), 1433T_XENLA (Q52M98    ), 1433Z_AEDAE (Q1HR36    ), 
1433Z_BOMMO (Q2F637    ), 1433Z_BOVIN (P63103    ), 1433Z_CHICK (Q5ZKC9    ), 
1433Z_DROME (P29310    ), 1433Z_HUMAN (P63104    ), 1433Z_MOUSE (P63101    ), 
1433Z_PONAB (Q5R651    ), 1433Z_RAT   (P63102    ), 1433Z_SHEEP (P29361    ), 
1433Z_XENLA (Q91896    ), 1433Z_XENTR (Q6P4Z5    ), 1433_CANAL  (O42766    ), 
1433_CHLRE  (P52908    ), 1433_DICDI  (P54632    ), 1433_EIMTE  (O96436    ), 
1433_FUCVE  (Q39757    ), 1433_HELAN  (O65352    ), 1433_LILLO  (Q9SP07    ), 
1433_MESCR  (P93259    ), 1433_NEOCA  (Q25538    ), 1433_OENEH  (P29307    ), 
1433_PEA    (P46266    ), 1433_SPIOL  (P29308    ), 1433_TOBAC  (Q41246    ), 
1433_TRIHA  (Q99002    ), 1433_XENLA  (P29309    ), 143B1_ONCMY (Q6UFZ9    ), 
143B2_ONCMY (Q6UFZ8    ), 143BA_DANRE (Q5PRD0    ), 143BA_XENLA (Q5XHK2    ), 
143BB_DANRE (Q7T356    ), 143BB_XENLA (Q8AVQ3    ), 143G1_DANRE (Q6PC29    ), 
143G1_ONCMY (Q6UFZ3    ), 143G2_ONCMY (Q6UFZ2    ), 143GA_XENLA (Q6PCG0    ), 
143GB_XENLA (Q6NRY9    ), ARTA_ASPFN  (B8NLM9    ), BMH1_YEAST  (P29311    ), 
BMH2_YEAST  (P34730    ), RAD24_SCHPO (P42656    ), RAD25_SCHPO (P42657    )
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False negative sequences
2 sequences

14337_ORYSJ (Q5QNB8    ), 1433_ENCCU  (Q8SW28    )

'Partial' sequences
6 sequences

14331_PSEMZ (P85938    ), 14332_PSEMZ (P85939    ), 14333_PSEMZ (P85941    ), 
14334_PSEMZ (P85942    ), 1433X_MAIZE (P29306    ), 1433_POPEU  (P84972    )
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[Detailed view]
284 PDB

1A37; 1A38; 1A4O; 1IB1; 1O9C; 1O9D; 1O9E; 1O9F; 1QJA; 1QJB; 1YWT; 1YZ5; 2B05; 2BQ0; 2BR9; 2BTP; 2C1J; 2C1N; 2C23; 2C63; 2C74; 2O02; 2O98; 2V7D; 2WH0; 3AXY; 3CU8; 3E6Y; 3IQJ; 3IQU; 3IQV; 3LW1; 3M50; 3M51; 3MHR; 3NKX; 3O8I; 3P1N; 3P1O; 3P1P; 3P1Q; 3P1R; 3P1S; 3RDH; 3SMK; 3SML; 3SMM; 3SMN; 3SMO; 3SP5; 3SPR; 3T0L; 3T0M; 3U9X; 3UAL; 3UBW; 3UX0; 3UZD; 4BG6; 4DAT; 4DAU; 4DHM; 4DHN; 4DHO; 4DHP; 4DHQ; 4DHR; 4DHS; 4DHT; 4DHU; 4DNK; 4DX0; 4E2E; 4FJ3; 4FL5; 4FR3; 4GNT; 4HKC; 4IEA; 4IHL; 4J6S; 4JC3; 4JDD; 4N7G; 4N7Y; 4N84; 4O46; 4QLI; 4WRQ; 4Y32; 4Y3B; 4Y5I; 4ZDR; 5BTV; 5D2D; 5D3E; 5D3F; 5EWZ; 5EXA; 5F74; 5HF3; 5IQP; 5J31; 5JM4; 5LTW; 5LU1; 5LU2; 5M35; 5M36; 5M37; 5MHC; 5MOC; 5MXO; 5MY9; 5MYC; 5N10; 5N5R; 5N5T; 5N5W; 5N6N; 5N75; 5NAS; 5NWI; 5NWJ; 5NWK; 5OEG; 5OEH; 5OK9; 5OKF; 5OM0; 5OMA; 5ULO; 5WFU; 5WFX; 5WXN; 5XY9; 5YQG; 6A5Q; 6A5S; 6BCR; 6BCY; 6BD1; 6BD2; 6BQT; 6BYJ; 6BYK; 6BYL; 6BZD; 6EF5; 6EIH; 6EJL; 6EWW; 6F08; 6F09; 6FAU; 6FAV; 6FAW; 6FBB; 6FBW; 6FBY; 6FCP; 6FEL; 6FI4; 6FI5; 6FN9; 6FNA; 6FNB; 6FNC; 6G6X; 6G8I; 6G8J; 6G8K; 6G8L; 6G8P; 6G8Q; 6GHP; 6GKF; 6GKG; 6GN0; 6GN8; 6GNJ; 6GNK; 6GNN; 6HEP; 6KZG; 6KZH; 6NV2; 6Q0K; 6QDR; 6QDS; 6QDT; 6QDU; 6QHL; 6QHM; 6QIU; 6QK8; 6QZR; 6QZS; 6R5L; 6RHC; 6RJL; 6RJQ; 6RJZ; 6RK8; 6RKI; 6RKK; 6RKM; 6RL3; 6RL4; 6RL6; 6RLZ; 6RM5; 6RM7; 6RP6; 6RWH; 6RWI; 6RWS; 6RWU; 6RX2; 6S39; 6S3C; 6S40; 6S9K; 6S9Q; 6SAD; 6SIN; 6SIO; 6SIP; 6SIQ; 6SLV; 6SLW; 6SLX; 6T5F; 6T5H; 6T80; 6TCH; 6TJM; 6TL3; 6TLF; 6TLG; 6TM7; 6TWZ; 6U2H; 6W0L; 6XAG; 6XWD; 6XXC; 6XY5; 6Y18; 6Y1D; 6Y1J; 6Y3M; 6Y3O; 6Y3R; 6Y3S; 6Y3V; 6Y3W; 6Y40; 6Y44; 6Y4K; 6Y58; 6Y6B; 6Y8A; 6Y8B; 6Y8D; 6Y8E; 6YLU; 6YOW; 6YOX; 6YOY; 6YP2; 6YP3; 6YP8; 6YPL; 6YPY; 6YQ2; 6ZCJ; 6ZFD; 6ZFG; 7AEW; 7D8H; 7D8P; 7D9V; 7NFW
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