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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L27
Accession [info] PS00831
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-OCT-1993 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00652

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L27 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 754 in 754 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 754 in 754 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 52
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 93.55 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
754 sequences

RK27A_CYACA (O19885), RK27B_CYACA (P41551), RK27_ARATH  (Q9FLN4), 
RK27_CALSH  (P41548), RK27_CHRAL  (P41549), RK27_CHRCT  (P41545), 
RK27_EMIHU  (Q4G3B1), RK27_GRATL  (Q6B931), RK27_GUITH  (O78430), 
RK27_HAPHI  (P41550), RK27_NEOYE  (Q1XDS7), RK27_ORYSJ  (O65037), 
RK27_PHATC  (A0T0G4), RK27_PLEHA  (P41552), RK27_PORPP  (P41553), 
RK27_PORPU  (P51210), RK27_SPIOL  (P82190), RK27_THAPS  (A0T0V7), 
RK27_TOBAC  (P30155), RK27_TRICV  (P49561), RL27_ACAM1  (B0C3C2), 
RL27_ACET2  (A3DBS4), RL27_ACIAD  (Q6F8G2), RL27_ACIB3  (B7GXH9), 
RL27_ACIB5  (B7I6V8), RL27_ACIBC  (B2HXU8), RL27_ACIBS  (B0VSH6), 
RL27_ACIBT  (A3M899), RL27_ACIBY  (B0VEJ5), RL27_ACIC1  (A0LSX0), 
RL27_ACIC5  (C1F354), RL27_ACICJ  (A5FV28), RL27_ACIET  (B9MDZ6), 
RL27_ACIF2  (B7J428), RL27_ACIF5  (B5ELU3), RL27_ACISJ  (A1W4A9), 
RL27_ACTP2  (A3N3T8), RL27_ACTP7  (B3GZE6), RL27_ACTPJ  (B0BU26), 
RL27_ACTSZ  (A6VMT9), RL27_AERHH  (A0KGS8), RL27_AERS4  (A4SR18), 
RL27_AFIC5  (B6JD23), RL27_AGARV  (C4Z9Z8), RL27_AGRFC  (Q8UBR6), 
RL27_AKKM8  (B2UNV3), RL27_ALBFT  (Q21Z00), RL27_ALCBS  (Q0VSE7), 
RL27_ALIB4  (A8EV84), RL27_ALIF1  (Q5E872), RL27_ALIFM  (B5FGF8), 
RL27_ALISL  (B6EL42), RL27_ALKEH  (Q0AAD7), RL27_ALLAM  (B9JUI3), 
RL27_ALTMD  (B4RZH4), RL27_AMOA5  (B3EUD7), RL27_ANAMF  (B9KIJ4), 
RL27_ANAMM  (Q5PAS8), RL27_ANAPZ  (Q2GK21), RL27_ANOFW  (B7GIR0), 
RL27_AQUAE  (O67650), RL27_AROAE  (Q5P7Z5), RL27_ARTS2  (A0JXJ9), 
RL27_AYWBP  (Q2NIJ9), RL27_AZOC5  (A8HRT6), RL27_AZOPC  (B6YRH8), 
RL27_AZOSB  (A1KAC9), RL27_AZOVD  (C1DEA5), RL27_BACAA  (C3P9C8), 
RL27_BACAC  (C3L6X4), RL27_BACAH  (A0RJ49), RL27_BACAN  (Q81LE8), 
RL27_BACC0  (B7JQ28), RL27_BACC1  (Q72ZY3), RL27_BACC2  (B7IIV4), 
RL27_BACC3  (C1ETN9), RL27_BACC4  (B7HE75), RL27_BACC7  (B7HQK0), 
RL27_BACCN  (A7GTC2), RL27_BACCQ  (B9IZ18), RL27_BACCR  (Q817U4), 
RL27_BACCZ  (Q634A1), RL27_BACFN  (Q5LGR6), RL27_BACFR  (Q64XL7), 
RL27_BACHK  (Q6HD83), RL27_BACLD  (Q65GM5), RL27_BACMK  (A9VIR7), 
RL27_BACP2  (A8FFT0), RL27_BACSU  (P05657), RL27_BACTN  (Q89ZR3), 
RL27_BACVZ  (A7Z783), RL27_BARBK  (A1URM7), RL27_BARHE  (Q6G507), 
RL27_BARQU  (Q6G0T7), RL27_BART1  (A9IM57), RL27_BAUCH  (Q1LSJ8), 
RL27_BDEBA  (Q6MGS4), RL27_BEII9  (B2IE46), RL27_BEUC1  (C5C3W6), 
RL27_BIFA0  (B8DVU0), RL27_BIFAA  (A0ZZY9), RL27_BIFLD  (B3DPS3), 
RL27_BIFLO  (Q8G4U1), RL27_BIFLS  (B7GNK2), RL27_BLOFL  (Q7VQN1), 
RL27_BLOPB  (Q493U6), RL27_BORA1  (Q2L060), RL27_BORAP  (Q0SM74), 
RL27_BORBR  (Q7WQL7), RL27_BORBU  (O51721), RL27_BORBZ  (B7J0M6), 
RL27_BORDL  (B5RMX2), RL27_BORHD  (B2S1C2), RL27_BORPA  (Q7W1P1), 
RL27_BORPD  (A9IFF7), RL27_BORPE  (Q7VZX5), RL27_BORRA  (B5RQB7), 
RL27_BORT9  (A1R0K3), RL27_BRADU  (Q89X93), RL27_BRAHW  (C0R0P3), 
RL27_BRASB  (A5E968), RL27_BRASO  (A4YKF6), RL27_BRUA1  (B2S810), 
RL27_BRUA2  (Q2YLL8), RL27_BRUA4  (A6WXR7), RL27_BRUAB  (Q8VW58), 
RL27_BRUC2  (A9M886), RL27_BRUMB  (C0RF97), RL27_BRUME  (Q8YJ84), 
RL27_BRUO2  (A5VSI8), RL27_BRUSI  (A9WWX2), RL27_BRUSU  (Q8FYL8), 
RL27_BUCAP  (Q8K9G2), RL27_BUCBP  (P59513), RL27_BUCCC  (Q057J1), 
RL27_BURA4  (B1YSU6), RL27_BURCH  (A0K4A9), RL27_BURCJ  (B4E5X1), 
RL27_BURCM  (Q0BIH9), RL27_BURL3  (Q39JU8), RL27_BURM1  (A9AI61), 
RL27_BURM7  (A3MR89), RL27_BURM9  (A2S5R9), RL27_BURMA  (Q62GV3), 
RL27_BURMS  (A1V0P2), RL27_BURO0  (B1JVA0), RL27_BURO1  (Q1BZE1), 
RL27_BURP0  (A3NZJ1), RL27_BURP1  (Q3JNF9), RL27_BURP6  (A3NDS9), 
RL27_BURPS  (Q9FD28), RL27_BURTA  (Q2SZG1), RL27_BURVG  (A4JBB7), 
RL27_CALBD  (B9MRB7), RL27_CALS4  (Q8RBA7), RL27_CALS8  (A4XJS7), 
RL27_CAMC1  (A7ZC11), RL27_CAMC5  (A7H030), RL27_CAMFF  (A0RR38), 
RL27_CAMHC  (A7I2Z9), RL27_CAMJ8  (A8FJQ0), RL27_CAMJD  (A7H1G9), 
RL27_CAMJE  (Q9PJ31), RL27_CAMJJ  (A1VXH8), RL27_CAMJR  (Q5HX71), 
RL27_CAMLR  (B9KER2), RL27_CARHZ  (Q3AF53), RL27_CAUSK  (B0T395), 
RL27_CAUVC  (Q9ABB3), RL27_CAUVN  (B8GYX1), RL27_CELJU  (B3PIU8), 
RL27_CERS1  (A3PQI8), RL27_CERS4  (Q3IXY1), RL27_CHESB  (Q11CP4), 
RL27_CHLCH  (Q3AS97), RL27_CHLL2  (B3EEE4), RL27_CHLL3  (Q3B2R5), 
RL27_CHLP8  (B3QPY8), RL27_CHLPB  (B3EP07), RL27_CHLPD  (A1BHN8), 
RL27_CHLPM  (A4SFT3), RL27_CHLT3  (B3QSH7), RL27_CHLTE  (Q8KCB7), 
RL27_CHRFK  (A0M7D0), RL27_CHRSD  (Q1R0C1), RL27_CHRVO  (Q7NZS2), 
RL27_CITK8  (A8AQ77), RL27_CLAM3  (A5CR31), RL27_CLASE  (B0RDG4), 
RL27_CLOAB  (Q97JL5), RL27_CLOB1  (A7FXU7), RL27_CLOB6  (C3L3J4), 
RL27_CLOB8  (A6LQR8), RL27_CLOBA  (B2V0A7), RL27_CLOBB  (B2TK69), 
RL27_CLOBH  (A5I667), RL27_CLOBJ  (C1FVW6), RL27_CLOBK  (B1ILY6), 
RL27_CLOBL  (A7GHK3), RL27_CLOBM  (B1KZR4), RL27_CLOD6  (Q18B22), 
RL27_CLOK1  (B9E020), RL27_CLOK5  (A5N6K1), RL27_CLONN  (A0Q1T6), 
RL27_CLOP1  (Q0TNI4), RL27_CLOPE  (Q8XIJ1), RL27_CLOPS  (Q0SR53), 
RL27_CLOTE  (Q892N6), RL27_COLP3  (Q47VL3), RL27_COPPD  (B5Y806), 
RL27_CORA7  (C3PI04), RL27_CORDI  (Q6NFV6), RL27_COREF  (Q8FN77), 
RL27_CORGB  (A4QG84), RL27_CORGL  (Q8NN51), RL27_CORJK  (Q4JWU0), 
RL27_CORK4  (C4LJU5), RL27_CORU7  (B1VGM0), RL27_COXB1  (B6J9K3), 
RL27_COXB2  (B6J1S9), RL27_COXBN  (A9KEJ8), RL27_COXBR  (A9NBL4), 
RL27_COXBU  (Q83ED9), RL27_CROS5  (B1WWL8), RL27_CROS8  (A7MJF4), 
RL27_CUPMC  (Q1LIP9), RL27_CUPNH  (Q0K6P5), RL27_CUPPJ  (Q46X16), 
RL27_CUPTR  (B3R899), RL27_CUTAK  (Q6A9I2), RL27_CYAP4  (B8HUY8), 
RL27_CYTH3  (Q11XX3), RL27_DECAR  (Q47AD1), RL27_DEHM1  (Q3Z6W2), 
RL27_DEHMB  (A5FQ13), RL27_DEHMC  (Q3ZYN4), RL27_DEIDV  (C1CZK0), 
RL27_DEIGD  (Q1IW73), RL27_DEIRA  (Q9RY65), RL27_DELAS  (A9BP69), 
RL27_DESAP  (B1I4P7), RL27_DESHD  (B8FUS1), RL27_DESHY  (Q24SN8), 
RL27_DESRM  (A4J7J1), RL27_DICNV  (A5EVR0), RL27_DICT6  (B5YEQ2), 
RL27_DICTD  (B8E0B3), RL27_DINSH  (A8LK04), RL27_ECO24  (A7ZS81), 
RL27_ECO27  (B7UJ78), RL27_ECO45  (B7MBV4), RL27_ECO55  (B7LHP5), 
RL27_ECO57  (P0A7M0), RL27_ECO5E  (B5YS74), RL27_ECO7I  (B7NKQ2), 
RL27_ECO81  (B7N0H8), RL27_ECO8A  (B7M091), RL27_ECOBW  (C4ZSS4), 
RL27_ECODH  (B1XHG1), RL27_ECOHS  (A8A500), RL27_ECOL5  (Q0TCS5), 
RL27_ECOL6  (P0A7L9), RL27_ECOLC  (B1IQT8), RL27_ECOLI  (P0A7L8), 
RL27_ECOLU  (B7NDG9), RL27_ECOSE  (B6I1Q8), RL27_ECOSM  (B1LGF1), 
RL27_ECOUT  (Q1R6F2), RL27_EDWI9  (C5BFA2), RL27_EHRCJ  (Q3YRY1), 
RL27_EHRCR  (Q2GGS4), RL27_EHRRG  (Q5FH97), RL27_EHRRW  (Q5HB48), 
RL27_ENT38  (A4WEZ8), RL27_ENTFA  (Q836X4), RL27_ERWT9  (B2VGT1), 
RL27_ERYLH  (Q2NCD6), RL27_ESCF3  (B7LR52), RL27_EXIS2  (B1YJS1), 
RL27_EXISA  (C4L4N3), RL27_FLAJ1  (A5FJP6), RL27_FLAPJ  (A6H1P8), 
RL27_FRAAA  (Q0RPF7), RL27_FRACC  (Q2JDP3), RL27_FRAP2  (B0TYK1), 
RL27_FRASN  (A8L1V7), RL27_FRAT1  (Q14I63), RL27_FRATF  (A7NDG1), 
RL27_FRATH  (Q2A2E5), RL27_FRATM  (B2SDE7), RL27_FRATN  (A0Q5Q3), 
RL27_FRATO  (Q0BL03), RL27_FRATT  (Q5NGR1), RL27_FRATW  (A4IZ44), 
RL27_FUSNN  (Q8REI3), RL27_GEOKA  (Q5KWP3), RL27_GEOMG  (Q39QR5), 
RL27_GEOSE  (P07844), RL27_GEOSL  (Q747N0), RL27_GEOSW  (C5D5G7), 
RL27_GLAP5  (B8F874), RL27_GLOC7  (B7KFE2), RL27_GLOVI  (Q7NME2), 
RL27_GLUDA  (A9H0E8), RL27_GLUOX  (Q5FUL3), RL27_GRABC  (Q0BRF0), 
RL27_HAEDU  (Q7VP91), RL27_HAEI8  (Q4QM29), RL27_HAEIE  (A5UDJ5), 
RL27_HAEIG  (A5UI24), RL27_HAEIN  (P44363), RL27_HAHCH  (Q2S9T2), 
RL27_HALH5  (Q9K8J7), RL27_HALHL  (A1WY49), RL27_HALOH  (B8CXZ1), 
RL27_HAMD5  (C4K900), RL27_HELAH  (Q17Y99), RL27_HELHP  (Q7VK83), 
RL27_HELMI  (B0TBW5), RL27_HELP2  (B6JKM6), RL27_HELPG  (B5ZA63), 
RL27_HELPH  (Q1CUK6), RL27_HELPJ  (Q9ZMD8), RL27_HELPS  (B2USC8), 
RL27_HELPY  (P56050), RL27_HERAR  (A4G8R5), RL27_HISS1  (Q0I1P7), 
RL27_HISS2  (B0UVI0), RL27_HYDCU  (Q31IT5), RL27_HYDS0  (B4U6N4), 
RL27_HYPNA  (Q0BZ41), RL27_IDILO  (Q5R033), RL27_JANMA  (A6T2D6), 
RL27_JANSC  (Q28Q14), RL27_KINRD  (A6WDN0), RL27_KLEP3  (B5XSV6), 
RL27_KLEP7  (A6TEK4), RL27_KOCRD  (B2GGD8), RL27_KORVE  (Q1IVS6), 
RL27_KOSOT  (C5CDI0), RL27_LACAC  (Q5FJG0), RL27_LACDB  (Q049M5), 
RL27_LACH4  (A8YVX6), RL27_LACJO  (Q74IL5), RL27_LACLA  (Q9CGL5), 
RL27_LACLM  (A2RLA2), RL27_LACLS  (Q02ZA6), RL27_LACP7  (A9KMF6), 
RL27_LACPL  (Q88WN3), RL27_LARHH  (C1D505), RL27_LEGPA  (Q5X1P0), 
RL27_LEGPC  (A5IAS6), RL27_LEGPH  (Q5ZS69), RL27_LEGPL  (Q5WTF0), 
RL27_LEIXX  (Q6AFY2), RL27_LEPBA  (B0S9A2), RL27_LEPBJ  (Q04Q89), 
RL27_LEPBL  (Q054P5), RL27_LEPBP  (B0SRT6), RL27_LEPCP  (B1Y281), 
RL27_LEPIC  (Q72NQ6), RL27_LEPIN  (Q8F7U1), RL27_LIMF3  (B2GD71), 
RL27_LIMRD  (A5VKS3), RL27_LIMRJ  (B2G856), RL27_LISIN  (P66126), 
RL27_LISMC  (C1KVI7), RL27_LISMF  (Q71ZD0), RL27_LISMH  (B8DHK8), 
RL27_LISMO  (P66125), RL27_LISW6  (A0AIY9), RL27_MAGMM  (A0LCZ4), 
RL27_MALP2  (Q8EVW5), RL27_MANSM  (Q65S55), RL27_MARMM  (Q0AKX6), 
RL27_MARMS  (A6W353), RL27_MARN8  (A1TYY3), RL27_MESFL  (Q6F125), 
RL27_MESH2  (Q601F3), RL27_META1  (B3PMF8), RL27_METC4  (B7KSH3), 
RL27_METCA  (Q605N3), RL27_METEP  (A9VYM7), RL27_METFK  (Q1GZ52), 
RL27_METI4  (B3DVG8), RL27_METNO  (B8IEL7), RL27_METPB  (B1ZL17), 
RL27_METPP  (A2SD35), RL27_METRJ  (B1M699), RL27_METS4  (B0UMS2), 
RL27_METSB  (B8EQH6), RL27_MICAN  (B0JQG5), RL27_MICLC  (C5CAZ4), 
RL27_MYCA1  (A0QDG9), RL27_MYCA9  (B1MMY4), RL27_MYCAP  (A5IYZ5), 
RL27_MYCBO  (P66128), RL27_MYCBP  (A1KLD7), RL27_MYCBT  (C1AEQ8), 
RL27_MYCCT  (Q2SS74), RL27_MYCGA  (Q7NBB0), RL27_MYCGE  (P47476), 
RL27_MYCGI  (A4T2J3), RL27_MYCLB  (B8ZRN4), RL27_MYCLE  (Q9CBZ3), 
RL27_MYCM1  (Q6KHY5), RL27_MYCMM  (B2HMG2), RL27_MYCMS  (Q6MT50), 
RL27_MYCPA  (Q73XP4), RL27_MYCPN  (P75458), RL27_MYCPU  (Q98QN2), 
RL27_MYCS2  (A0R150), RL27_MYCS5  (Q4A5L3), RL27_MYCSJ  (A3Q2F4), 
RL27_MYCSK  (A1UJ08), RL27_MYCSS  (Q1B628), RL27_MYCTA  (A5U5D7), 
RL27_MYCTO  (P9WHB2), RL27_MYCTU  (P9WHB3), RL27_MYCUA  (A0PU16), 
RL27_MYCVP  (A1TC22), RL27_NATTJ  (B2A6B5), RL27_NAUPA  (B9L606), 
RL27_NEIG1  (Q5F685), RL27_NEIG2  (B4RNP1), RL27_NEIM0  (A9M2Z6), 
RL27_NEIMA  (P66129), RL27_NEIMB  (P66130), RL27_NEIMF  (A1KVV9), 
RL27_NEOSM  (Q2GCN3), RL27_NITEC  (Q0AHG6), RL27_NITEU  (Q82V19), 
RL27_NITHX  (Q1QQU2), RL27_NITMU  (Q2Y808), RL27_NITOC  (Q3J6S1), 
RL27_NITSB  (A6Q4D3), RL27_NITWN  (Q3SVI4), RL27_NOCFA  (Q5Z042), 
RL27_NOCSJ  (A1SMB5), RL27_NOSP7  (B2IV09), RL27_NOSS1  (Q8Z0F1), 
RL27_NOVAD  (Q2G9U8), RL27_OCEIH  (Q8EPP8), RL27_ONYPE  (Q6YRC7), 
RL27_OPITP  (B1ZZL7), RL27_PAEAT  (A1R788), RL27_PARC0  (A1TTD4), 
RL27_PARD8  (A6L8T0), RL27_PARDP  (A1B9H4), RL27_PARL1  (A7HT69), 
RL27_PARM1  (Q2VZU3), RL27_PARMW  (Q7U8R7), RL27_PARP8  (B2JHD8), 
RL27_PARPJ  (B2SYV3), RL27_PARXL  (Q13U14), RL27_PASMU  (Q9CNS7), 
RL27_PECAS  (Q6D9C5), RL27_PECCP  (C6DKH7), RL27_PEDPA  (Q03FZ9), 
RL27_PELPB  (B4SFQ9), RL27_PELPD  (A1AKW2), RL27_PELTS  (A5D408), 
RL27_PELUB  (Q4FP47), RL27_PERMH  (C0QT35), RL27_PHEZH  (B4RD67), 
RL27_PHOLL  (Q7MYX5), RL27_PHOPR  (Q6LV48), RL27_PHOV8  (A6L6D2), 
RL27_PHYAS  (B1VAF3), RL27_PHYMT  (B3QZT2), RL27_PICP2  (B1XPD9), 
RL27_POLAQ  (A4SVA2), RL27_POLNA  (A1VK91), RL27_POLNS  (B1XT34), 
RL27_POLSJ  (Q12F98), RL27_PORG3  (B2RLC1), RL27_PORGI  (Q7MX94), 
RL27_PROA2  (B4S9F0), RL27_PROM0  (A3PEH9), RL27_PROM1  (A2C4B8), 
RL27_PROM2  (A8G6F6), RL27_PROM3  (A2C732), RL27_PROM4  (A9BBW8), 
RL27_PROM5  (A2BY52), RL27_PROM9  (Q319E2), RL27_PROMA  (Q7VAN2), 
RL27_PROMH  (B4F2A7), RL27_PROMM  (Q7V5W4), RL27_PROMP  (Q7V0C1), 
RL27_PROMS  (A2BSR8), RL27_PROMT  (Q46JC1), RL27_PROVB  (P94689), 
RL27_PSE14  (Q48NL3), RL27_PSEA6  (Q15PE9), RL27_PSEA7  (A6VBV4), 
RL27_PSEA8  (B7V0B0), RL27_PSEAB  (Q02GB0), RL27_PSEAE  (Q9HVL7), 
RL27_PSECP  (B8HA20), RL27_PSEE4  (Q1IF14), RL27_PSEF5  (Q4K5T7), 
RL27_PSEFS  (C3K1X7), RL27_PSEMY  (A4XYL3), RL27_PSEP1  (A5VYC5), 
RL27_PSEPF  (Q3K6K8), RL27_PSEPG  (B0KMF5), RL27_PSEPK  (Q88Q09), 
RL27_PSEPW  (B1JF58), RL27_PSESM  (Q889F2), RL27_PSET1  (Q3IFF5), 
RL27_PSEU2  (Q4ZYK2), RL27_PSYA2  (Q4FRD8), RL27_PSYCK  (Q1Q9X2), 
RL27_PSYIN  (A1SSB5), RL27_PSYWF  (A5WDV1), RL27_RALN1  (Q8XVK9), 
RL27_RALPJ  (B2UCV4), RL27_RENSM  (A9WUU3), RL27_RHIE6  (B3PRY9), 
RL27_RHIEC  (Q2K2Y0), RL27_RHIJ3  (Q1MA80), RL27_RHILO  (Q98EZ0), 
RL27_RHILW  (B5ZUD9), RL27_RHIME  (Q92LB7), RL27_RHIR8  (B9JEQ8), 
RL27_RHIWR  (A5VD71), RL27_RHOCS  (B6IR00), RL27_RHOE4  (C1A1L6), 
RL27_RHOJR  (Q0SH50), RL27_RHOOB  (C1AVK1), RL27_RHOP2  (Q2J3K2), 
RL27_RHOP5  (Q07U70), RL27_RHOPA  (Q6NDE9), RL27_RHOPB  (Q21D07), 
RL27_RHOPS  (Q13DL3), RL27_RHOPT  (B3Q726), RL27_RHORT  (Q2RV03), 
RL27_RICAE  (C3PLM9), RL27_RICAH  (A8GPP8), RL27_RICB8  (A8GYB3), 
RL27_RICBR  (Q1RGM8), RL27_RICCK  (A8EZV2), RL27_RICCN  (Q92GG0), 
RL27_RICFE  (Q4UK85), RL27_RICM5  (A8F2N7), RL27_RICPR  (Q9ZCI8), 
RL27_RICPU  (C4K1G6), RL27_RICRO  (B0BV44), RL27_RICRS  (A8GTK7), 
RL27_RICTY  (Q68VZ8), RL27_RIPO1  (B7JZA3), RL27_ROSCS  (A7NKS0), 
RL27_ROSS1  (A5UWR7), RL27_RUBXD  (Q1AVU2), RL27_RUEPO  (Q5LRY1), 
RL27_RUEST  (Q1GHD2), RL27_RUMCH  (B8I178), RL27_RUTMC  (A1AXH4), 
RL27_SACD2  (Q21M08), RL27_SACEN  (A4F9L2), RL27_SALA4  (B5F6V4), 
RL27_SALAI  (A8M0Z0), RL27_SALAR  (A9MP21), RL27_SALCH  (Q57JG5), 
RL27_SALDC  (B5FIN4), RL27_SALEP  (B5R0H6), RL27_SALG2  (B5REQ1), 
RL27_SALHS  (B4TJ23), RL27_SALNS  (B4T716), RL27_SALPA  (Q5PLB5), 
RL27_SALPB  (A9N752), RL27_SALPC  (C0PZJ7), RL27_SALPK  (B5BGK9), 
RL27_SALRD  (Q2S2N8), RL27_SALSV  (B4TWF5), RL27_SALTI  (P66132), 
RL27_SALTO  (A4XAG2), RL27_SALTY  (P66131), RL27_SERP5  (A8G8Z2), 
RL27_SHEAM  (A1S9H4), RL27_SHEB2  (B8EC05), RL27_SHEB5  (A3D179), 
RL27_SHEB8  (A6WK50), RL27_SHEB9  (A9L429), RL27_SHEDO  (Q12K22), 
RL27_SHEFN  (Q07YI9), RL27_SHEHH  (B0TUI1), RL27_SHELP  (A3QB94), 
RL27_SHEON  (Q8EB81), RL27_SHEPA  (A8H0U3), RL27_SHEPC  (A4Y426), 
RL27_SHEPW  (B8CSY4), RL27_SHESA  (A0L073), RL27_SHESH  (A8FRU3), 
RL27_SHESM  (Q0HLU1), RL27_SHESR  (Q0HRZ7), RL27_SHESW  (A1RMV7), 
RL27_SHEWM  (B1KGH0), RL27_SHIB3  (B2U1Z2), RL27_SHIBS  (Q31W62), 
RL27_SHIDS  (Q32BE8), RL27_SHIF8  (Q0T099), RL27_SHIFL  (P0A7M1), 
RL27_SHISS  (Q3YX56), RL27_SHOC1  (Q5WES5), RL27_SINFN  (C3M9X6), 
RL27_SINMW  (A6UDV3), RL27_SODGM  (Q2NW36), RL27_SOLUE  (Q022G4), 
RL27_SPHAL  (Q1GRH1), RL27_STAA1  (A7X362), RL27_STAA2  (A6U2B3), 
RL27_STAA3  (Q2FG82), RL27_STAA8  (Q2FXT0), RL27_STAA9  (A5ITG9), 
RL27_STAAB  (Q2YT85), RL27_STAAC  (Q5HFB8), RL27_STAAE  (A6QHI7), 
RL27_STAAM  (Q931Q3), RL27_STAAN  (P66133), RL27_STAAR  (Q6GG59), 
RL27_STAAS  (Q6G8S4), RL27_STAAT  (A8Z2H3), RL27_STAAW  (P66134), 
RL27_STACT  (B9DNE8), RL27_STAEQ  (Q5HNQ6), RL27_STAES  (Q8CS89), 
RL27_STAHJ  (Q4L6Z1), RL27_STAS1  (Q49Y83), RL27_STRA3  (Q8E4G3), 
RL27_STRA5  (Q8DYV5), RL27_STRAW  (Q82C86), RL27_STRCO  (Q9L1I1), 
RL27_STRE4  (C0M7I0), RL27_STRGC  (A8AWF9), RL27_STRGG  (B1VXD7), 
RL27_STRGR  (P95757), RL27_STRM5  (B4SP13), RL27_STRMK  (B2FTD2), 
RL27_STRMU  (Q8DUQ4), RL27_STRP1  (P66137), RL27_STRP2  (Q04KI2), 
RL27_STRP3  (P0DE28), RL27_STRP4  (B5E4L9), RL27_STRP6  (Q5XCS5), 
RL27_STRP7  (C1C7A1), RL27_STRP8  (P66139), RL27_STRPI  (B1IBP4), 
RL27_STRPJ  (B8ZPV1), RL27_STRPN  (P66135), RL27_STRPQ  (P0DE29), 
RL27_STRPS  (B2IQ02), RL27_STRR6  (P66136), RL27_STRS2  (A4W0Q0), 
RL27_STRS7  (C0ME76), RL27_STRSV  (A3CMS1), RL27_STRSY  (A4VUF9), 
RL27_STRT1  (Q5M158), RL27_STRT2  (Q5M5P6), RL27_STRTD  (Q03M32), 
RL27_STRU0  (B9DU56), RL27_STRZJ  (C1CE94), RL27_STRZP  (C1CKH0), 
RL27_STRZT  (C1CRK7), RL27_STUS1  (A4VI53), RL27_SULDN  (Q30QN9), 
RL27_SULNB  (A6QB71), RL27_SULSY  (B2V8X4), RL27_SYMTH  (Q67SC7), 
RL27_SYNC1  (Q3A1D7), RL27_SYNE7  (Q9Z3H6), RL27_SYNJA  (Q2JT19), 
RL27_SYNJB  (Q2JNE2), RL27_SYNP6  (Q5N598), RL27_SYNPW  (A5GN79), 
RL27_SYNR3  (A5GV22), RL27_SYNS3  (Q0I800), RL27_SYNS9  (Q3AZG4), 
RL27_SYNSC  (Q3AHR5), RL27_SYNWW  (Q0AWJ2), RL27_SYNY3  (P74267), 
RL27_TERTT  (C5BQB3), RL27_THEFY  (Q47MV5), RL27_THEMA  (Q9X1G7), 
RL27_THENN  (B9K8D0), RL27_THEP1  (A5IMC9), RL27_THEP3  (B0KAC0), 
RL27_THEPX  (B0K416), RL27_THERP  (B9L2M3), RL27_THESQ  (B1LBJ4), 
RL27_THET2  (Q72HR3), RL27_THET8  (P60493), RL27_THEVB  (Q8DMF2), 
RL27_THEYD  (B5YJ66), RL27_THIDA  (Q3SKG3), RL27_THISH  (B8GQQ2), 
RL27_TOLAT  (C4L9M2), RL27_TREDE  (Q73LW3), RL27_TREPA  (O83725), 
RL27_TREPS  (B2S3Y2), RL27_TRIEI  (Q10ZG7), RL27_TRIL1  (B3E330), 
RL27_TRIV2  (Q3MCZ8), RL27_TROW8  (Q83I11), RL27_TROWT  (Q83G56), 
RL27_UREP2  (B1AIJ8), RL27_UREPA  (Q9PQT2), RL27_UREU1  (B5ZB18), 
RL27_VARPS  (C5CXX4), RL27_VEREI  (A1WPR6), RL27_VESOH  (A5CVV8), 
RL27_VIBA3  (B7VID4), RL27_VIBC1  (A7N0G1), RL27_VIBC3  (A5F8P1), 
RL27_VIBCH  (Q9KUS9), RL27_VIBCM  (C3LRG7), RL27_VIBPA  (Q87SU3), 
RL27_VIBVU  (Q8DEC5), RL27_VIBVY  (Q7MP93), RL27_WIGBR  (Q8D278), 
RL27_WOLSU  (Q7MA29), RL27_XANAC  (Q8PN24), RL27_XANC8  (Q4US35), 
RL27_XANCB  (B0RY33), RL27_XANCP  (Q8PBH1), RL27_XANE5  (Q3BW47), 
RL27_XANOM  (Q2P5B5), RL27_XANOP  (B2STB9), RL27_XANOR  (Q5H2E6), 
RL27_XANP2  (A7IH94), RL27_XYLF2  (B2I6V7), RL27_XYLFA  (Q9PAS2), 
RL27_XYLFM  (B0U3R4), RL27_XYLFT  (Q87BL1), RL27_YERE8  (A1JIV4), 
RL27_YERP3  (A7FMT7), RL27_YERPA  (Q1CBZ2), RL27_YERPB  (B2K2P0), 
RL27_YERPE  (Q8ZBA7), RL27_YERPG  (A9R588), RL27_YERPN  (Q1CEJ8), 
RL27_YERPP  (A4TRJ8), RL27_YERPS  (Q66F75), RL27_YERPY  (B1JMJ6), 
RL27_ZYMMO  (Q5NR21), RM02_CANGA  (Q6FS31), RM02_DEBHA  (Q6BIE4), 
RM02_EREGS  (Q75ET6), RM02_KLULA  (P48535), RM02_SCHPO  (Q9HDV5), 
RM02_YEAST  (P12687), RM27_CRYNB  (P0CQ49), RM27_CRYNJ  (P0CQ48), 
RM27_DICDI  (Q54XK0)
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False negative sequences
52 sequences

RL27_ANAD2  (B8JBP3), RL27_ANADE  (Q2IH83), RL27_ANADF  (A7HIF9), 
RL27_ANASK  (B4UIU3), RL27_BORGP  (Q65ZZ4), RL27_BUCA5  (B8D9H1), 
RL27_BUCAI  (P57468), RL27_BUCAT  (B8D7S3), RL27_CHLAA  (A9WGJ4), 
RL27_CHLAB  (Q5L6S0), RL27_CHLAD  (B8G6X2), RL27_CHLCV  (Q824F4), 
RL27_CHLFF  (Q253F7), RL27_CHLMU  (P66124), RL27_CHLPN  (Q9Z807), 
RL27_CHLSY  (B9LJ75), RL27_CHLT2  (B0B7Y9), RL27_CHLTA  (Q3KLT4), 
RL27_CHLTB  (B0BC54), RL27_CHLTR  (P66123), RL27_CITBB  (B5E957), 
RL27_DESAH  (C0QLE8), RL27_DESAL  (B8FM67), RL27_DESDA  (B8J4L4), 
RL27_DESOH  (A8ZRY0), RL27_DESPS  (Q6AK06), RL27_GEMAT  (C1A930), 
RL27_GEODF  (B9M3W2), RL27_GEOSM  (C6E8U2), RL27_GEOUR  (A5GD28), 
RL27_HERA2  (A9B129), RL27_KARMG  (A8Z619), RL27_LAWIN  (O87885), 
RL27_MARSD  (C6BZ95), RL27_MYXXD  (Q1DC96), RL27_NITV2  (Q72DK1), 
RL27_NITV4  (A1VF57), RL27_NITV9  (B8DRP0), RL27_OLEA2  (Q30XV9), 
RL27_ORITB  (A5CF98), RL27_ORITI  (B3CV08), RL27_PARUW  (Q6MEQ7), 
RL27_RHOBA  (Q7UPR5), RL27_ROSDO  (Q165Y3), RL27_SOLM1  (C4XNW1), 
RL27_SORC5  (A9FG63), RL27_SYNAS  (Q2LR76), RL27_SYNFM  (A0LPF8), 
RM02_YARLI  (Q6C9C4), RM27_HUMAN  (Q9P0M9), RM27_MOUSE  (Q99N92), 
RM27_RECAM  (O21275)
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[Detailed view]
828 PDB

1NKW; 1NWX; 1NWY; 1SM1; 1V8Q; 1VVJ; 1VY4; 1VY5; 1VY6; 1VY7; 1XBP; 1Y69; 2J28; 2RDO; 2ZJP; 2ZJQ; 2ZJR; 3BBX; 3CF5; 3DLL; 3J5L; 3J6B; 3J7Z; 3J8G; 3J9W; 3J9Y; 3J9Z; 3JA1; 3JBU; 3JBV; 3JCD; 3JCE; 3JCJ; 3JCN; 3PIO; 3PIP; 4CSU; 4IO9; 4IOA; 4IOC; 4L47; 4L71; 4LEL; 4LFZ; 4LNT; 4LSK; 4LT8; 4P6F; 4P70; 4TUA; 4TUB; 4TUC; 4TUD; 4TUE; 4U1U; 4U1V; 4U20; 4U24; 4U25; 4U26; 4U27; 4U67; 4UY8; 4V47; 4V48; 4V49; 4V4A; 4V4G; 4V4H; 4V4I; 4V4J; 4V4P; 4V4Q; 4V4R; 4V4S; 4V4T; 4V4V; 4V4W; 4V4X; 4V4Y; 4V4Z; 4V50; 4V51; 4V52; 4V53; 4V54; 4V55; 4V56; 4V57; 4V5A; 4V5B; 4V5C; 4V5D; 4V5E; 4V5F; 4V5G; 4V5H; 4V5J; 4V5K; 4V5L; 4V5M; 4V5N; 4V5P; 4V5Q; 4V5R; 4V5S; 4V5Y; 4V61; 4V63; 4V64; 4V65; 4V66; 4V67; 4V68; 4V69; 4V6A; 4V6C; 4V6D; 4V6E; 4V6F; 4V6G; 4V6K; 4V6L; 4V6M; 4V6N; 4V6O; 4V6P; 4V6Q; 4V6R; 4V6S; 4V6T; 4V6V; 4V6Y; 4V6Z; 4V70; 4V71; 4V72; 4V73; 4V74; 4V75; 4V76; 4V77; 4V78; 4V79; 4V7A; 4V7B; 4V7C; 4V7D; 4V7I; 4V7J; 4V7K; 4V7L; 4V7M; 4V7P; 4V7S; 4V7T; 4V7U; 4V7V; 4V7W; 4V7X; 4V7Y; 4V7Z; 4V83; 4V84; 4V85; 4V87; 4V89; 4V8A; 4V8B; 4V8C; 4V8D; 4V8E; 4V8F; 4V8G; 4V8H; 4V8I; 4V8J; 4V8N; 4V8O; 4V8Q; 4V8U; 4V8X; 4V90; 4V95; 4V97; 4V9A; 4V9B; 4V9C; 4V9D; 4V9H; 4V9I; 4V9J; 4V9K; 4V9L; 4V9M; 4V9N; 4V9O; 4V9P; 4V9Q; 4V9R; 4V9S; 4W29; 4W2E; 4W2F; 4W2G; 4W2H; 4W2I; 4W4G; 4WCE; 4WF1; 4WF9; 4WFA; 4WFB; 4WFN; 4WOI; 4WPO; 4WQ1; 4WQF; 4WQR; 4WQU; 4WQY; 4WR6; 4WRA; 4WRO; 4WSD; 4WSM; 4WT1; 4WT8; 4WU1; 4WWW; 4WZD; 4WZO; 4XEJ; 4Y4O; 4Y4P; 4YBB; 4YPB; 4YZV; 4Z3S; 4Z8C; 4ZER; 4ZSN; 5A9Z; 5AA0; 5ADY; 5AFI; 5AKA; 5CZP; 5D8B; 5DFE; 5DM6; 5DM7; 5DOX; 5DOY; 5E7K; 5E81; 5EL4; 5EL5; 5EL6; 5EL7; 5F8K; 5FDU; 5FDV; 5GAD; 5GAE; 5GAF; 5GAG; 5GAH; 5H1S; 5H5U; 5HAU; 5HCP; 5HCQ; 5HCR; 5HD1; 5HKV; 5HL7; 5IB7; 5IB8; 5IBB; 5IMQ; 5IMR; 5IQR; 5IT8; 5J30; 5J3C; 5J4B; 5J4C; 5J4D; 5J5B; 5J7L; 5J88; 5J8A; 5J8B; 5J91; 5JC9; 5JTE; 5JU8; 5JVG; 5JVH; 5KCR; 5KCS; 5KPS; 5KPV; 5KPW; 5KPX; 5L3P; 5LI0; 5LZA; 5LZB; 5LZC; 5LZD; 5LZE; 5LZF; 5MDV; 5MDW; 5MDY; 5MDZ; 5MGP; 5MLC; 5MMI; 5MMM; 5MRC; 5MRE; 5MRF; 5MYJ; 5NCO; 5ND8; 5ND9; 5NDJ; 5NDK; 5NJT; 5NP6; 5NRG; 5NWY; 5O2R; 5O60; 5O61; 5OT7; 5TCU; 5U4I; 5U9F; 5U9G; 5UQ7; 5UQ8; 5UYK; 5UYL; 5UYM; 5UYN; 5UYP; 5UYQ; 5V7Q; 5V8I; 5V93; 5VP2; 5VPO; 5VPP; 5W4K; 5WDT; 5WE4; 5WE6; 5WF0; 5WFK; 5WFS; 5WIS; 5WIT; 5X8P; 5X8T; 5XYM; 5ZEB; 5ZEP; 5ZET; 5ZLU; 6B4V; 6BOH; 6BOK; 6BU8; 6BUW; 6BY1; 6BZ6; 6BZ7; 6BZ8; 6C4H; 6C4I; 6C5L; 6CAE; 6CFJ; 6CFK; 6CFL; 6CZR; 6DDD; 6DDG; 6DNC; 6DZI; 6DZP; 6ENF; 6ENJ; 6ENU; 6ERI; 6FKR; 6GBZ; 6GC0; 6GC4; 6GC8; 6GSJ; 6GSK; 6GSL; 6GWT; 6GXM; 6GXN; 6GXO; 6GXP; 6GZQ; 6GZX; 6GZZ; 6H4N; 6H58; 6HA1; 6HA8; 6HMA; 6HRM; 6HTQ; 6I0Y; 6I7V; 6N1D; 6N9E; 6N9F; 6ND5; 6ND6; 6NDK; 6NSH; 6NTA; 6NUO; 6NWY; 6O3M; 6O97; 6O9J; 6O9K; 6OF1; 6OF6; 6OFX; 6OG7; 6OGF; 6OGG; 6OGI; 6OJ2; 6OM6; 6OPE; 6ORD; 6ORE; 6ORL; 6OSI; 6OSK; 6OSQ; 6OST; 6OT3; 6OTR; 6OUO; 6OXA; 6OXI; 6PJ6; 6PPF; 6PPK; 6Q95; 6Q97; 6Q98; 6Q9A; 6QDW; 6QNQ; 6QNR; 6QUL; 6S0K; 6SJ6; 6SZS; 6TBV; 6TC3; 6TNN; 6TPQ; 6U48; 6UCQ; 6UO1; 6V39; 6V3A; 6V3B; 6V3D; 6VU3; 6VWL; 6VWM; 6VWN; 6VYQ; 6VYR; 6VYS; 6VYT; 6VYU; 6VYW; 6VYX; 6VYY; 6VYZ; 6VZ2; 6VZ3; 6VZ5; 6VZ7; 6VZJ; 6WD0; 6WD1; 6WD2; 6WD3; 6WD4; 6WD5; 6WD6; 6WD7; 6WD8; 6WD9; 6WDA; 6WDB; 6WDC; 6WDD; 6WDE; 6WDF; 6WDG; 6WDH; 6WDI; 6WDJ; 6WDK; 6WDL; 6WDM; 6WNT; 6WNV; 6WNW; 6WQN; 6WQQ; 6WRS; 6WRU; 6WU9; 6X6T; 6X7F; 6X7K; 6X9Q; 6XDQ; 6XDR; 6XGF; 6XHV; 6XHW; 6XHX; 6XHY; 6XII; 6XIJ; 6XQD; 6XQE; 6XZ7; 6XZA; 6XZB; 6Y69; 6YEF; 6YS3; 6YSR; 6YSS; 6YST; 6YSU; 6ZTJ; 6ZTL; 6ZTM; 6ZTN; 6ZTO; 6ZTP; 6ZU1; 7A0R; 7A0S; 7A18; 7AC7; 7ACJ; 7ACR; 7AQC; 7AQD; 7AS8; 7AS9; 7ASM; 7ASN; 7AZO; 7AZS; 7B5K; 7BL2; 7BL3; 7BL4; 7BL5; 7BL6; 7BV8; 7D6Z; 7D80; 7F0D; 7JQL; 7JQM; 7JSS; 7JSW; 7JSZ; 7JT1; 7JT2; 7JT3; 7K00; 7K50; 7K51; 7K52; 7K53; 7K54; 7K55; 7KGB; 7LH5; 7LV0; 7LVK; 7M4V; 7M4W; 7M4X; 7M4Y; 7M4Z; 7M5D; 7MD7; 7MSC; 7MSH; 7MSM; 7MSZ; 7MT2; 7MT3; 7MT7; 7N1P; 7N2C; 7N2U; 7N2V; 7N30; 7N31; 7NBU; 7NHL; 7NHM; 7NHN; 7NWT; 7O19; 7O1A; 7O1C; 7O5B; 7OIZ; 7OJ0; 7OOD; 7OPE; 7P3K; 7P6Z; 7P7Q; 7P7R; 7PAH; 7PAI; 7PAJ; 7PAK; 7PAL; 7PAM; 7PAN; 7PAO; 7PAQ; 7PAR; 7PAS; 7PAT; 7PAU; 7PH9; 7PHA; 7PHB; 7PHC; 7PI8; 7PI9; 7PIA; 7PIB; 7PIC; 7PIO; 7PIP; 7PIQ; 7PIR; 7PIS; 7PIT; 7PJS; 7PJT; 7PJV; 7PJW; 7PJX; 7PJY; 7PJZ; 7Q4K; 7QG8; 7QGH; 7QQ3; 7QV1; 7QV2; 7QV3; 7RQ8; 7RQ9; 7RQA; 7RQB; 7RQC; 7RQD; 7RQE; 7RYF; 7RYG; 7RYH; 7S0S; 7S1G; 7S1H; 7S1I; 7S1J; 7S1K; 7S9U; 7SA4; 7SAE; 7SFR; 7SS9; 7SSD; 7SSL; 7SSN; 7SSO; 7SSW; 7ST2; 7ST6; 7ST7; 7TOS; 7TTU; 7TTW; 7U2H; 7U2I; 7U2J; 7UG7; 7UNR; 7UNU; 7UNV; 7UNW; 7UPH; 7UVV; 7UVW; 7UVX; 7UVY; 7UVZ; 7UW1; 7XAM; 7Y41; 7Y7C; 7Y7D; 7Y7E; 7Y7F; 7Y7G; 7Y7H; 7YLA; 7Z20; 7ZOD; 7ZP8; 7ZQ5; 7ZQ6; 7ZTA; 8A3L; 8A57; 8A5I; 8A63; 8AKN; 8AM9; 8ANA; 8AP4; 8AYE; 8B0X; 8B7Y; 8BF7; 8BGE; 8BGH; 8BH4; 8BHJ; 8BHL; 8BHN; 8BHP; 8BIL; 8BIM; 8BUU; 8C8X; 8C8Y; 8C8Z; 8C90; 8C94; 8C95; 8CAM; 8CD1; 8CEU; 8CGD; 8CGK; 8CGV; 8CVJ; 8CVK; 8CVL; 8CVM; 8EIU; 8EKB; 8EKC; 8EMM; 8EV6; 8EV7; 8FC1; 8FC2; 8FC3; 8FC4; 8FC5; 8FC6; 8FIZ; 8FMW; 8FN2; 8FOM; 8FON; 8FR8; 8FTO; 8G29; 8G2A; 8G2B; 8G2C; 8G2D; 8G6W; 8G6X; 8G6Y; 8IFB; 8IFC; 8PHJ; 8PVA; 8SYL; 8T8B; 8T8C; 8UD6; 8UD7; 8UD8; 8V9J; 8V9K; 8V9L
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