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Entry: PS00916

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] PI3_4_KINASE_2
Accession [info] PS00916
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-OCT-1993 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00710

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinases signature 2.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 121 in 121 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 121 in 121 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 27
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 81.76 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
121 sequences

AGE1_CAEBR  (P0C5E7    ), AGE1_CAEEL  (Q94125    ), ATM_ARATH   (Q9M3G7    ), 
ATM_ASHGO   (Q751J3    ), ATM_ASPFU   (Q4WVM7    ), ATM_ASPOR   (Q2U639    ), 
ATM_CAEEL   (Q9N3Q4    ), ATM_CANAL   (Q5ABX0    ), ATM_CANGA   (Q6FRZ9    ), 
ATM_CRYNB   (P0CP61    ), ATM_CRYNJ   (P0CP60    ), ATM_DEBHA   (Q6BV76    ), 
ATM_DROME   (Q5EAK6    ), ATM_EMENI   (Q5BHE2    ), ATM_GIBZE   (Q4IB89    ), 
ATM_HUMAN   (Q13315    ), ATM_KLULA   (Q6CP76    ), ATM_MOUSE   (Q62388    ), 
ATM_NEUCR   (Q7RZT9    ), ATM_PIG     (Q6PQD5    ), ATM_SCHPO   (O74630    ), 
ATM_YARLI   (Q6CAD2    ), ATM_YEAST   (P38110    ), ATR_ARATH   (Q9FKS4    ), 
ATR_ASHGO   (Q75DB8    ), ATR_CANAL   (Q59LR2    ), ATR_CANGA   (Q6FX42    ), 
ATR_DROME   (Q9VXG8    ), ATR_HUMAN   (Q13535    ), ATR_MOUSE   (Q9JKK8    ), 
ATR_ORYSI   (A2YH41    ), ATR_ORYSJ   (Q5Z987    ), ATR_XENLA   (Q9DE14    ), 
ATR_YEAST   (P38111    ), LSB6_SCHPO  (Q9UT42    ), LSB6_YEAST  (P42951    ), 
MTOR_HUMAN  (P42345    ), MTOR_MOUSE  (Q9JLN9    ), MTOR_RAT    (P42346    ), 
P3C2A_HUMAN (O00443    ), P3C2A_MOUSE (Q61194    ), P3C2A_PONAB (Q5RAY1    ), 
P3C2B_HUMAN (O00750    ), P3C2G_HUMAN (O75747    ), P3C2G_MOUSE (O70167    ), 
P3C2G_RAT   (O70173    ), P4KB1_ARATH (Q9FMJ0    ), P4KB2_ARATH (Q0WPX9    ), 
PI3K1_DICDI (P54673    ), PI3K1_SOYBN (P42347    ), PI3K2_DICDI (P54674    ), 
PI3K2_SOYBN (P42348    ), PI3K3_DICDI (P54675    ), PI3K4_DICDI (P54676    ), 
PI3K_ARATH  (P42339    ), PI4KA_BOVIN (O02811    ), PI4KA_HUMAN (P42356    ), 
PI4KA_MOUSE (E9Q3L2    ), PI4KA_RAT   (O08662    ), PI4KB_BOVIN (O02810    ), 
PI4KB_CALJA (B0KWC1    ), PI4KB_DANRE (Q49GP3    ), PI4KB_HUMAN (Q9UBF8    ), 
PI4KB_MOUSE (Q8BKC8    ), PI4KB_OTOGA (B4UT09    ), PI4KB_PAPAN (A9X1A0    ), 
PI4KB_PLEMO (B1MTG7    ), PI4KB_RAT   (O08561    ), PI4KB_RHIFE (B2KI64    ), 
PI4KB_SORAR (B3EX61    ), PI4KB_XENLA (Q6GN16    ), PI4KB_XENTR (A4IID4    ), 
PI4K_DICDI  (P54677    ), PI4P2_HUMAN (A4QPH2    ), PIK1A_CANAL (Q9UW24    ), 
PIK1_CANAL  (Q9UW20    ), PIK1_SCHPO  (Q10366    ), PIK1_YEAST  (P39104    ), 
PIKI1_CAEEL (G5EDY0    ), PK3C3_CAEEL (Q9TXI7    ), PK3C3_HUMAN (Q8NEB9    ), 
PK3C3_MOUSE (Q6PF93    ), PK3C3_PIG   (Q5D891    ), PK3C3_RAT   (O88763    ), 
PK3C3_XENLA (Q6AZN6    ), PK3CA_BOVIN (P32871    ), PK3CA_HUMAN (P42336    ), 
PK3CA_MOUSE (P42337    ), PK3CA_RAT   (A0A0G2K344), PK3CB_HUMAN (P42338    ), 
PK3CB_MOUSE (Q8BTI9    ), PK3CB_RAT   (Q9Z1L0    ), PK3CD_HUMAN (O00329    ), 
PK3CD_MOUSE (O35904    ), PK3CG_HUMAN (P48736    ), PK3CG_MOUSE (Q9JHG7    ), 
PK3CG_PIG   (O02697    ), PRKDC_CANLF (Q8WN22    ), PRKDC_CHICK (Q8QGX4    ), 
PRKDC_DICDI (Q54UC0    ), PRKDC_HUMAN (P78527    ), PRKDC_MOUSE (P97313    ), 
PRKDC_XENLA (Q9DEI1    ), RAD3_SCHPO  (Q02099    ), SMG1_DICDI  (Q553E9    ), 
SMG1_HUMAN  (Q96Q15    ), SMG1_MOUSE  (Q8BKX6    ), STT4_SCHPO  (Q9USR3    ), 
STT4_YEAST  (P37297    ), TOR1_SCHPO  (O14356    ), TOR1_YEAST  (P35169    ), 
TOR2_SCHPO  (Q9Y7K2    ), TOR2_YEAST  (P32600    ), TOR_ARATH   (Q9FR53    ), 
TOR_CAEEL   (Q95Q95    ), TOR_DICDI   (Q86C65    ), TOR_DROME   (Q9VK45    ), 
TOR_ORYSJ   (Q0DJS1    ), VPS34_CANAX (Q92213    ), VPS34_SCHPO (P50520    ), 
VPS34_YEAST (P22543    )
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False negative sequences
27 sequences

P4K2A_DANRE (Q6PE18    ), P4K2A_HUMAN (Q9BTU6    ), P4K2A_MOUSE (Q2TBE6    ), 
P4K2A_RAT   (Q99M64    ), P4K2A_XENLA (Q08B31    ), P4K2A_XENTR (Q505I0    ), 
P4K2B_CHICK (Q5ZIK0    ), P4K2B_DANRE (Q49GP5    ), P4K2B_HUMAN (Q8TCG2    ), 
P4K2B_MOUSE (Q8CBQ5    ), P4K2B_RAT   (Q5XIL2    ), P4K2B_XENLA (Q6DCQ8    ), 
P4K2B_XENTR (Q28G26    ), P4KA1_ARATH (Q9SXA1    ), P4KA2_ARATH (Q9C680    ), 
P4KG1_ARATH (O22199    ), P4KG2_ARATH (Q9SGW8    ), P4KG3_ARATH (Q9FNF8    ), 
P4KG4_ARATH (Q9ZPY9    ), P4KG4_ORYSJ (Q6K881    ), P4KG5_ARATH (Q9C671    ), 
P4KG6_ARATH (Q8W4R8    ), P4KG7_ARATH (Q9SI52    ), P4KG8_ARATH (Q0WMZ6    ), 
STT4_ENCCU  (Q8SQY7    ), VPS34_ENCCU (Q8SR56    ), YL615_MIMIV (Q5UR69    )
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295 PDB

1E7U; 1E7V; 1E8W; 1E8X; 1E8Y; 1E8Z; 1E90; 1HE8; 2A4Z; 2A5U; 2CHW; 2CHX; 2CHZ; 2RD0; 2V4L; 2WXF; 2WXG; 2WXH; 2WXI; 2WXJ; 2WXK; 2WXL; 2WXM; 2WXN; 2WXO; 2WXP; 2WXQ; 2WXR; 2X38; 2Y3A; 3APC; 3APD; 3APF; 3CSF; 3CST; 3DBS; 3DPD; 3ENE; 3HHM; 3HIZ; 3IBE; 3IHY; 3JBZ; 3L08; 3L13; 3L16; 3L17; 3L54; 3LJ3; 3LS8; 3MJW; 3ML8; 3ML9; 3NZS; 3NZU; 3OAW; 3P2B; 3PRE; 3PRZ; 3PS6; 3QAQ; 3QAR; 3QJZ; 3QK0; 3R7Q; 3R7R; 3S2A; 3SD5; 3T8M; 3TJP; 3TL5; 3ZIM; 3ZVV; 3ZW3; 4A55; 4AJW; 4ANU; 4ANV; 4ANW; 4ANX; 4AOF; 4BFR; 4D0L; 4D0M; 4DK5; 4EZJ; 4EZK; 4EZL; 4F1S; 4FA6; 4FAD; 4FHJ; 4FHK; 4FJY; 4FJZ; 4FLH; 4FUL; 4G11; 4GB9; 4HLE; 4HVB; 4J6I; 4JPS; 4JSN; 4JSP; 4JSV; 4JSX; 4JT5; 4JT6; 4KZ0; 4KZC; 4L1B; 4L23; 4L2Y; 4OVU; 4OVV; 4OYS; 4PH4; 4PS3; 4PS7; 4PS8; 4TUU; 4TV3; 4URK; 4UWF; 4UWG; 4UWH; 4UWK; 4UWL; 4V0I; 4WAE; 4WAF; 4WAG; 4WWN; 4WWO; 4WWP; 4XE0; 4XX5; 4XZ4; 4YKN; 4ZOP; 5AE8; 5AE9; 5ANL; 5C46; 5C4G; 5DFZ; 5DXH; 5DXT; 5DXU; 5EDS; 5ENN; 5EUQ; 5FBL; 5FBQ; 5FBR; 5FBV; 5FBW; 5FI4; 5FLC; 5G2N; 5G55; 5H64; 5I4U; 5I6U; 5IS5; 5ITD; 5JHA; 5JHB; 5KAE; 5KC2; 5L72; 5LUQ; 5M6U; 5NCY; 5NCZ; 5NGB; 5NP0; 5NP1; 5O83; 5OQ4; 5SW8; 5SWG; 5SWO; 5SWP; 5SWR; 5SWT; 5SX8; 5SX9; 5SXA; 5SXB; 5SXC; 5SXD; 5SXE; 5SXF; 5SXI; 5SXJ; 5SXK; 5T23; 5T27; 5T28; 5T2B; 5T2D; 5T2G; 5T2I; 5T2L; 5T2M; 5T7F; 5T8F; 5T8I; 5UBR; 5UBT; 5UK8; 5UKJ; 5UL1; 5VLR; 5W1R; 5WBU; 5WBY; 5X6O; 5XGH; 5XGI; 5XGJ; 5Y3R; 5YZ0; 5ZCS; 6AUD; 6BCU; 6BCX; 6BQ1; 6C1S; 6DGT; 6EMK; 6EYZ; 6EZ6; 6FH5; 6G6W; 6GL3; 6GQ7; 6GVF; 6GVG; 6GVH; 6GVI; 6GY0; 6HI9; 6I3U; 6JXA; 6JXC; 6K9K; 6K9L; 6L53; 6L54; 6MUL; 6MUM; 6NCT; 6OAC; 6OCO; 6OCU; 6PYR; 6PYS; 6PYU; 6S8F; 6SB0; 6SB2; 6T3B; 6T3C; 6XRL; 6XRM; 6Z2W; 6Z2X; 6Z3A; 6Z3R; 6ZFP; 6ZH2; 6ZH4; 6ZH6; 6ZH8; 6ZHA; 6ZHE; 6ZWM; 6ZWO; 7BL1; 7JIS; 7K0Y; 7K10; 7K11; 7K19; 7K1B; 7K1J; 7K1K; 7K1N; 7K6M; 7K6N; 7K6O; 7K71
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