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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] IF3
Accession [info] PS00938
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-JUN-1994 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00723

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Initiation factor 3 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 261 in 261 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 253 in 253 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 8 in 8 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 61
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 96.93 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 80.57 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
253 sequences

IF32_ARATH  (O82234), IF34_ARATH  (Q94B52), IF3B_NOSS1  (Q8YUH8), 
IF3C_CYAM1  (Q85G77), IF3C_EUGGR  (P36177), IF3C_GALSU  (Q9MS97), 
IF3C_GRATL  (Q6B8N5), IF3C_NEOYE  (Q1XDQ6), IF3C_PORPU  (P51231), 
IF3_ACAM1   (B0CD77), IF3_ALISL   (B6EN33), IF3_AQUAE   (O67653), 
IF3_AROAE   (Q5P7X6), IF3_AZOC5   (A8HWL0), IF3_BACAN   (Q81L15), 
IF3_BACC1   (Q72ZG2), IF3_BACCR   (Q812P6), IF3_BACCZ   (Q633M1), 
IF3_BACFN   (Q5LEQ5), IF3_BACFR   (Q64VP1), IF3_BACSU   (P55872), 
IF3_BACTN   (Q8AAP1), IF3_BLOFL   (Q7VR70), IF3_BORAP   (Q0SNX3), 
IF3_BORBR   (Q7WKF6), IF3_BORBU   (O51208), IF3_BORBZ   (B7J1C3), 
IF3_BORDL   (B5RL16), IF3_BORGP   (Q662H4), IF3_BORHD   (B2RZQ1), 
IF3_BORPA   (Q7W911), IF3_BORPE   (Q7VY63), IF3_BORRA   (B5RR09), 
IF3_BORT9   (A1QYY5), IF3_BUCA5   (B8D8S7), IF3_BUCAI   (P57226), 
IF3_BUCAP   (P46243), IF3_BUCAT   (B8D731), IF3_BUCBP   (P59446), 
IF3_CALS4   (Q8R9C2), IF3_CAMC1   (A7ZAZ8), IF3_CAMC5   (A7GVZ3), 
IF3_CAMFF   (A0RRI8), IF3_CAMJ8   (A8FK08), IF3_CAMJD   (A7H1S1), 
IF3_CAMJE   (Q9PIS2), IF3_CAMJJ   (A1VXT6), IF3_CAMJR   (Q5HWW2), 
IF3_CAMLR   (B9KEB2), IF3_CAUSK   (B0SY03), IF3_CAUVC   (Q9A9D9), 
IF3_CAUVN   (B8H312), IF3_CERS4   (O33567), IF3_CHLCV   (Q822B2), 
IF3_CHLMU   (Q9PL86), IF3_CHLTR   (O84840), IF3_CHRVO   (Q7NYC5), 
IF3_CLOAB   (Q97GK5), IF3_CLOPE   (Q8XJ67), IF3_CLOTE   (Q891T1), 
IF3_COREF   (Q8FTQ2), IF3_CORGB   (A4QDY1), IF3_CORGL   (Q8NQP8), 
IF3_COXBU   (Q83C11), IF3_DEIDV   (C1D0V9), IF3_DEIGD   (Q1IY80), 
IF3_DEIRA   (Q9RSN7), IF3_ECO27   (B7USA1), IF3_ECO57   (P0A709), 
IF3_ECOBW   (C4ZYI0), IF3_ECOL6   (P0A708), IF3_ECOLC   (B1IPL0), 
IF3_ECOLI   (P0A707), IF3_ELUMP   (B2KB83), IF3_ENDTX   (B1GZU2), 
IF3_ENTFA   (Q837C9), IF3_FUSNN   (Q8R5Y3), IF3_GEOMG   (Q39VS8), 
IF3_GEOSE   (P03000), IF3_GEOSL   (Q74D03), IF3_GLOVI   (Q7NJS6), 
IF3_HAEDU   (Q7VKS0), IF3_HAEIN   (P43814), IF3_HALH5   (Q9K867), 
IF3_HAMD5   (C4K777), IF3_HELHP   (Q7VJ08), IF3_HELPJ   (Q9ZMV2), 
IF3_HELPY   (P55973), IF3_HYPNA   (Q0C535), IF3_IDILO   (Q5QYN5), 
IF3_KLEPN   (P33318), IF3_LACJO   (Q74IC4), IF3_LACLA   (Q9CEJ7), 
IF3_LACPL   (Q88WU8), IF3_LEGPA   (Q5X1H4), IF3_LEGPL   (Q5WT83), 
IF3_LEPBA   (B0SCH4), IF3_LEPBJ   (Q04U56), IF3_LEPBL   (Q04ZG9), 
IF3_LEPBP   (B0SKZ7), IF3_LEPIC   (Q72PK8), IF3_LEPIN   (Q8F6Q9), 
IF3_LISIN   (P0A3L2), IF3_LISMF   (Q71YN3), IF3_LISMO   (P0A3L1), 
IF3_MACCJ   (B9E784), IF3_MESFL   (Q6F1S8), IF3_MICAN   (B0JKQ1), 
IF3_MYCBO   (P65136), IF3_MYCCT   (Q2SSS1), IF3_MYCFE   (Q05426), 
IF3_MYCGE   (P47438), IF3_MYCLE   (Q9CC22), IF3_MYCMS   (Q6MU22), 
IF3_MYCPN   (P78024), IF3_MYCPU   (Q98QV2), IF3_MYCTO   (P9WKJ8), 
IF3_MYCTU   (P9WKJ9), IF3_MYXXA   (P48516), IF3_MYXXD   (Q1DES4), 
IF3_NAUPA   (B9L5U8), IF3_NEIG1   (Q5F9U3), IF3_NEIMA   (P65137), 
IF3_NEIMB   (P65138), IF3_NEIMF   (A1KSY3), IF3_NITSB   (A6Q167), 
IF3_NITV2   (Q728R6), IF3_NITV4   (A1VBB5), IF3_NITV9   (B8DPN1), 
IF3_NOSP7   (B2IY66), IF3_NOSS1   (Q8YNE3), IF3_OCEIH   (Q8EPF5), 
IF3_PARL1   (A7HPJ7), IF3_PARMW   (Q7UA08), IF3_PASMU   (Q9CN42), 
IF3_PECAS   (Q6D4G9), IF3_PECCP   (C6DFY7), IF3_PHEZH   (B4R9C1), 
IF3_PHOV8   (A6L7J6), IF3_PICP2   (B1XM04), IF3_PROHU   (P33319), 
IF3_PROM0   (A3PFC5), IF3_PROM1   (A2C586), IF3_PROM2   (A8G7E2), 
IF3_PROM3   (A2C600), IF3_PROM4   (A9BD81), IF3_PROM5   (A2BZ21), 
IF3_PROM9   (Q318A5), IF3_PROMA   (Q7V9N2), IF3_PROMH   (B4ETK7), 
IF3_PROMM   (Q7TV76), IF3_PROMP   (Q7TU24), IF3_PROMS   (A2BTL8), 
IF3_PROMT   (Q46IH3), IF3_PSEF5   (Q4KEW3), IF3_PSEFS   (C3JZN6), 
IF3_PSEPH   (Q9X6E7), IF3_PSESM   (P0A132), IF3_PSESY   (P0A133), 
IF3_PSET1   (Q3IL80), IF3_RALN1   (Q8XZ28), IF3_RHOBA   (Q7UJ17), 
IF3_RICCN   (Q92HK6), IF3_RICFE   (Q4ULG2), IF3_RICPR   (Q9ZD19), 
IF3_RICTY   (Q68WK5), IF3_RIPO1   (B7JYL4), IF3_RUEPO   (Q5LQ58), 
IF3_SALPA   (Q5PH88), IF3_SALTI   (Q8Z6I3), IF3_SALTY   (P33321), 
IF3_SERMA   (P33320), IF3_SHEB2   (B8EES7), IF3_SHEB8   (A6WNH1), 
IF3_SHEON   (Q8EER8), IF3_SHEWM   (B1KG60), IF3_SHIFL   (Q83L38), 
IF3_SHOC1   (Q5WEI6), IF3_SORC5   (A9F8E5), IF3_STAA3   (Q2FG56), 
IF3_STAA8   (Q2FXP9), IF3_STAAB   (Q2YTA9), IF3_STAAC   (Q5HF92), 
IF3_STAAE   (A6QHL4), IF3_STAAM   (P65139), IF3_STAAN   (P65140), 
IF3_STAAR   (Q6GG25), IF3_STAAS   (Q6G8P5), IF3_STAAW   (P65141), 
IF3_STACT   (B9DNC6), IF3_STAEQ   (Q5HNM3), IF3_STAES   (Q8CS75), 
IF3_STAS1   (Q49YB2), IF3_STRA1   (Q3K0C8), IF3_STRA3   (P65142), 
IF3_STRA5   (P65143), IF3_STRE4   (C0M8S9), IF3_STREM   (B4U2J9), 
IF3_STRMU   (Q8DV22), IF3_STRP1   (P65146), IF3_STRP2   (Q04KW9), 
IF3_STRP3   (P0DB86), IF3_STRP4   (B5E478), IF3_STRP6   (Q5XCU2), 
IF3_STRP7   (C1C6T6), IF3_STRP8   (P65148), IF3_STRPB   (Q1JCH2), 
IF3_STRPC   (Q1JMF0), IF3_STRPD   (Q1JHJ7), IF3_STRPF   (Q1J7B8), 
IF3_STRPG   (A2RF84), IF3_STRPI   (B1IBB9), IF3_STRPJ   (B8ZP56), 
IF3_STRPM   (Q48U94), IF3_STRPN   (P65144), IF3_STRPQ   (P0DB87), 
IF3_STRPZ   (B5XKT8), IF3_STRR6   (P65145), IF3_STRS7   (C0MGM0), 
IF3_STRT1   (Q5LZL7), IF3_STRT2   (Q5M470), IF3_STRTD   (Q03KI9), 
IF3_STRU0   (B9DU40), IF3_STRZJ   (C1CDV4), IF3_STRZP   (C1CK40), 
IF3_STRZT   (C1CRU1), IF3_SULDN   (Q30UI3), IF3_SYNPW   (A5GI06), 
IF3_SYNR3   (A5GQ34), IF3_SYNS3   (Q0IDZ5), IF3_SYNS9   (Q3B0M2), 
IF3_SYNSC   (Q3ANG8), IF3_SYNY3   (P72874), IF3_THEMA   (Q9X1S6), 
IF3_THEVB   (Q8DIG8), IF3_TREPA   (O83822), IF3_TREPS   (B2S488), 
IF3_TRIV2   (Q3MBH6), IF3_TROW8   (Q83HH0), IF3_TROWT   (Q83GT2), 
IF3_UREPA   (Q9PQR4), IF3_VIBCH   (O68844), IF3_WIGBR   (Q8D3B9), 
IF3_WOLSU   (Q7M9L9), IF3_XANAC   (Q8PJE2), IF3_XANCP   (Q8P7Z3), 
IF3_XANP2   (A7IGN8), IF3_XYLFA   (Q9PFE1), IF3_XYLFT   (Q87AB3), 
IF3_YERE8   (A1JMK2), IF3_YERP3   (A7FHG2), IF3_YERPE   (Q8ZDW6), 
IF3_YERPS   (Q669Z1)
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False negative sequences
61 sequences

IF3M_HUMAN  (Q9H2K0), IF3M_MOUSE  (Q9CZD5), IF3_ACIAD   (Q6F861), 
IF3_ACIBS   (B0VV99), IF3_ACIBY   (B0V5P1), IF3_ANAD2   (B8J830), 
IF3_ANADE   (Q2IJB8), IF3_ANADF   (A7HBI7), IF3_ANASK   (B4UAN5), 
IF3_AZOPC   (B6YQ94), IF3_AZOVI   (Q8RQ01), IF3_BARBK   (A1UUD5), 
IF3_BARHE   (Q6G570), IF3_BARQU   (Q6G1I3), IF3_BART1   (A9ILC8), 
IF3_BRADU   (Q89WH7), IF3_BRUA4   (A6WX21), IF3_BRUAB   (P0A3L0), 
IF3_BRUME   (P0A3K8), IF3_BRUSU   (P0A3K9), IF3_CAMHC   (A7I108), 
IF3_CHLCH   (Q3APW0), IF3_CHLL2   (B3EEC0), IF3_CHLL3   (Q3B6L9), 
IF3_CHLP8   (B3QRM3), IF3_CHLPB   (B3EKG8), IF3_CHLPD   (A1BJB3), 
IF3_CHLPM   (A4SCK3), IF3_CHLPN   (Q9Z6R9), IF3_CHLTE   (Q8KAM9), 
IF3_EHRCR   (Q2GI91), IF3_EHRRG   (Q5FGP0), IF3_EHRRW   (Q5H9Z3), 
IF3_METC4   (B7KV98), IF3_METI4   (B3DYI1), IF3_METPB   (B1ZGB8), 
IF3_METRJ   (B1M6P9), IF3_METS4   (B0UP34), IF3_PARD8   (A6L9S3), 
IF3_PORG3   (B2RJD7), IF3_PORGI   (Q7MVQ6), IF3_PROA2   (B4S3D1), 
IF3_PSEAE   (Q9I0A0), IF3_PSEE4   (Q1IC14), IF3_PSEP1   (A5W5E0), 
IF3_PSEPG   (B0KKR7), IF3_PSEPK   (Q88K26), IF3_PSEPW   (B1J6U5), 
IF3_RHILO   (Q98CP5), IF3_RHILW   (B5ZXR7), IF3_RHIME   (Q92ST3), 
IF3_SOLUE   (Q02D92), IF3_STRAW   (Q828D2), IF3_STRCO   (O88060), 
IF3_THET2   (Q9ACJ8), IF3_THET8   (Q5SKU2), IF3_THETH   (Q70YI5), 
IF3_ZYMMO   (Q5NL80)
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False positive sequences
8 sequences

T2R20_GORGO (Q646A0), T2R20_HUMAN (P59543), T2R20_PANPA (Q646E3), 
T2R20_PANTR (Q646C2), T2R20_PAPHA (Q646G1), T2R20_PONPY (Q645V6), 
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1TIF; 5ME0; 5ME1; 6O6D