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Entry: PS01080

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] BH1
Accession [info] PS01080
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-NOV-1995 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00829

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Apoptosis regulator, Bcl-2 family BH1 motif signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 44 in 44 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 44 in 44 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 14
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 75.86 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
44 sequences

AR11_XENLA  (Q91828    ), AR1_XENLA   (Q91827    ), ARBH_ASFB7  (P42485    ), 
ARBH_ASFE4  (Q07818    ), ARBH_ASFK5  (P0C8H4    ), ARBH_ASFM2  (Q07819    ), 
ARBH_ASFP4  (P0C8H5    ), ARBH_ASFWA  (P0C8H6    ), ARBH_FOWPN  (Q9J5G4    ), 
B2CL1_CHICK (Q07816    ), B2CL1_HUMAN (Q07817    ), B2CL1_MOUSE (Q64373    ), 
B2CL1_PIG   (O77737    ), B2CL1_RAT   (P53563    ), B2CL2_BOVIN (Q1RMX3    ), 
B2CL2_CANLF (Q45T69    ), B2CL2_HUMAN (Q92843    ), B2CL2_MOUSE (P70345    ), 
B2L10_HUMAN (Q9HD36    ), B2LA1_BOVIN (Q3C2I0    ), B2LA1_HUMAN (Q16548    ), 
B2LA1_MOUSE (Q07440    ), BAK_HUMAN   (Q16611    ), BAK_MOUSE   (O08734    ), 
BAX_BOVIN   (O02703    ), BAX_HUMAN   (Q07812    ), BAX_MOUSE   (Q07813    ), 
BAX_RAT     (Q63690    ), BCL2_BOVIN  (O02718    ), BCL2_CANLF  (Q6R755    ), 
BCL2_CHICK  (Q00709    ), BCL2_CRIGR  (Q9JJV8    ), BCL2_HUMAN  (P10415    ), 
BCL2_MOUSE  (P10417    ), BCL2_RAT    (P49950    ), CED9_CAEBR  (P41957    ), 
CED9_CAEEL  (P41958    ), MCL1_CANLF  (Q8HYS5    ), MCL1_FELCA  (Q7YRZ9    ), 
MCL1_HUMAN  (Q07820    ), MCL1_MOUSE  (P97287    ), MCL1_RAT    (Q9Z1P3    ), 
NR13_COTJA  (Q90343    ), VG16_SHV21  (Q01001    )
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False negative sequences
14 sequences

B2L10_MOUSE (Q9Z0F3    ), B2L10_RAT   (Q99M66    ), B2L13_HUMAN (Q9BXK5    ), 
B2L13_MOUSE (P59017    ), BOKA_DANRE  (Q6DC66    ), BOKB_DANRE  (Q7T381    ), 
BOK_CHICK   (Q9I8I2    ), BOK_HUMAN   (Q9UMX3    ), BOK_MOUSE   (O35425    ), 
BOK_RAT     (Q792S6    ), EAR_EBVA8   (P0C6Z1    ), EAR_EBVB9   (P03182    ), 
EAR_EBVG    (P0C736    ), NR13_CHICK  (Q90ZN1    )
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[Detailed view]
304 PDB

1AF3; 1BXL; 1F16; 1G5J; 1G5M; 1GJH; 1LXL; 1MAZ; 1MK3; 1O0L; 1PQ0; 1PQ1; 1R2D; 1R2E; 1R2G; 1TY4; 1WSX; 1YSG; 1YSI; 1YSN; 1YSW; 1ZY3; 2B48; 2BZW; 2IMS; 2IMT; 2JCN; 2JM6; 2K7W; 2KBW; 2LP8; 2LPC; 2LR1; 2M03; 2M04; 2M5B; 2ME8; 2ME9; 2MEJ; 2MHS; 2NL9; 2NLA; 2O1Y; 2O21; 2O22; 2O2F; 2O2M; 2O2N; 2P1L; 2PON; 2PQK; 2ROC; 2ROD; 2VM6; 2VOF; 2VOG; 2VOH; 2VOI; 2W3L; 2XA0; 2Y6W; 2YJ1; 2YQ6; 2YQ7; 2YV6; 2YXJ; 3D7V; 3FDL; 3FDM; 3I1H; 3IHC; 3IHD; 3IHE; 3IIG; 3IIH; 3ILC; 3INQ; 3IO8; 3IO9; 3KJ0; 3KJ1; 3KJ2; 3KZ0; 3MK8; 3MQP; 3PK1; 3PL7; 3QKD; 3R85; 3SP7; 3SPF; 3WIX; 3WIY; 3WIZ; 3ZK6; 3ZLN; 3ZLO; 3ZLR; 4A1U; 4A1W; 4AQ3; 4B4S; 4BD2; 4BD6; 4BD7; 4BD8; 4BDU; 4BPI; 4BPJ; 4BPK; 4C52; 4C5D; 4CIM; 4CIN; 4EHR; 4G35; 4HNJ; 4HW2; 4HW3; 4HW4; 4IEH; 4K5A; 4K5B; 4LVT; 4LXD; 4MAN; 4OQ5; 4OQ6; 4PPI; 4QNQ; 4QVE; 4QVF; 4QVX; 4S0O; 4S0P; 4TUH; 4U2U; 4U2V; 4WGI; 4WMR; 4WMS; 4WMT; 4WMU; 4WMV; 4WMW; 4WMX; 4YJ4; 4YK9; 4Z9V; 4ZBF; 4ZBI; 4ZEQ; 4ZIE; 4ZIF; 4ZIG; 4ZIH; 4ZII; 5AGW; 5AGX; 5B1Z; 5C3F; 5C3G; 5C6H; 5FC4; 5FCG; 5FDO; 5FDR; 5FMI; 5FMJ; 5FMK; 5IEZ; 5IF4; 5JSB; 5JSN; 5KTG; 5KU9; 5LOF; 5MES; 5MEV; 5TZP; 5TZQ; 5UA4; 5UA5; 5UUK; 5UUL; 5UUM; 5UUP; 5VAU; 5VAX; 5VAY; 5VKC; 5VWV; 5VWW; 5VWX; 5VWY; 5VWZ; 5VX0; 5VX1; 5VX2; 5VX3; 5W5X; 5W5Z; 5W60; 5W61; 5W62; 5W89; 5W8F; 5WHH; 5WHI; 6B4L; 6B4U; 6BF2; 6BW2; 6BW8; 6DCN; 6DCO; 6DM8; 6E3I; 6E3J; 6EB6; 6FS0; 6FS1; 6FS2; 6GL8; 6HJL; 6IJQ; 6IWB; 6L8V; 6MBB; 6MBC; 6MBD; 6MBE; 6MCY; 6NE5; 6O0K; 6O0L; 6O0M; 6O0O; 6O0P; 6O4U; 6O6F; 6O6G; 6ODH; 6OQB; 6OQC; 6OQD; 6OQN; 6OVC; 6P3P; 6QB3; 6QB4; 6QB6; 6QFC; 6QFI; 6QFM; 6QFQ; 6QGD; 6QXJ; 6QYK; 6QYL; 6QYN; 6QYO; 6QYP; 6QZ5; 6QZ6; 6QZ7; 6QZ8; 6QZB; 6RJP; 6RNU; 6ST2; 6STJ; 6TZC; 6U63; 6U64; 6U65; 6U67; 6U6F; 6UA3; 6UAB; 6UD2; 6UDI; 6UDT; 6UDU; 6UDV; 6UDX; 6UDY; 6UXM; 6UXN; 6UXO; 6UXP; 6UXQ; 6UXR; 6VBX; 6VO4; 6VWC; 6YBG; 6YBJ; 6YBK; 6YBL; 6ZHC; 7CA4; 7JGV; 7JGW
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