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Entry: PS01257

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L10E
Accession [info] PS01257
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-NOV-1997 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00968

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L10e signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 92 in 92 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 92 in 92 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 2
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 97.87 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
92 sequences

RL101_ARATH (Q93VT9    ), RL101_ORYSI (A2ZCQ7    ), RL101_ORYSJ (Q0ITS8    ), 
RL102_ARATH (Q08770    ), RL102_ORYSI (A2Y0T4    ), RL102_ORYSJ (Q0DKF0    ), 
RL103_ARATH (Q93W22    ), RL10A_SCHPO (Q09127    ), RL10B_SCHPO (Q9P769    ), 
RL10E_AERPE (Q9YEY5    ), RL10E_ARCFU (O28930    ), RL10E_HALLT (B9LQR1    ), 
RL10E_HALMA (P60617    ), RL10E_HALS3 (B0R2M5    ), RL10E_HALSA (Q9HSS4    ), 
RL10E_HALWD (Q18KD2    ), RL10E_HYPBU (A2BNA6    ), RL10E_META3 (A6USY4    ), 
RL10E_METAC (Q8TU90    ), RL10E_METAR (Q0W389    ), RL10E_METBF (Q46CR0    ), 
RL10E_METBU (Q12W43    ), RL10E_METJA (Q57963    ), RL10E_METKA (Q8TYP2    ), 
RL10E_METLZ (A2SQE9    ), RL10E_METM5 (A4FWP5    ), RL10E_METM6 (A9AA25    ), 
RL10E_METM7 (A6VGM6    ), RL10E_METMA (Q8PWV0    ), RL10E_METMJ (A3CTT1    ), 
RL10E_METMP (Q6LXR0    ), RL10E_METPE (B8GH15    ), RL10E_METS5 (A4YHV3    ), 
RL10E_METST (Q2NHZ0    ), RL10E_METTH (O27191    ), RL10E_NANEQ (Q74M84    ), 
RL10E_NATPD (Q3IU82    ), RL10E_PICTO (Q6L152    ), RL10E_PYRAB (Q9UYU9    ), 
RL10E_PYRAE (Q8ZSV4    ), RL10E_PYRAR (A4WN05    ), RL10E_PYRCJ (A3MXP3    ), 
RL10E_PYRFU (Q9UWP5    ), RL10E_PYRHO (O58367    ), RL10E_PYRIL (A1RT11    ), 
RL10E_PYRNV (B1YDH6    ), RL10E_SACS2 (Q980J7    ), RL10E_STAMF (A3DM76    ), 
RL10E_SULAC (Q4JC84    ), RL10E_SULIA (C3MZG3    ), RL10E_SULIK (C4KIP3    ), 
RL10E_SULIL (C3MRC8    ), RL10E_SULIM (C3MXL7    ), RL10E_SULIN (C3NFZ1    ), 
RL10E_SULIY (C3N7I5    ), RL10E_SULTO (Q96YA4    ), RL10E_THEAC (Q9HJB3    ), 
RL10E_THEGJ (C5A293    ), RL10E_THEKO (Q5JDI6    ), RL10E_THEON (B6YSL0    ), 
RL10E_THEPD (A1RXM2    ), RL10E_THESM (C6A4T2    ), RL10E_THEVO (P58299    ), 
RL10L_BOVIN (Q2TBW8    ), RL10L_HUMAN (Q96L21    ), RL10L_MACFA (Q4R4D3    ), 
RL10L_MOUSE (P86048    ), RL10_BOMMA  (O96647    ), RL10_BOVIN  (Q9XSI3    ), 
RL10_CAEEL  (Q09533    ), RL10_CHICK  (Q08200    ), RL10_DANRE  (Q7ZV96    ), 
RL10_DICDI  (Q54J69    ), RL10_DROME  (O61231    ), RL10_ENCCU  (Q8SR96    ), 
RL10_EUGGR  (Q39724    ), RL10_EUPES  (Q9M5M7    ), RL10_HUMAN  (P27635    ), 
RL10_MACFA  (Q4R7Y2    ), RL10_MAIZE  (P45633    ), RL10_MOUSE  (Q6ZWV3    ), 
RL10_PAPAN  (A9CB60    ), RL10_PIG    (Q29195    ), RL10_PINTA  (O22431    ), 
RL10_PONAB  (Q5R931    ), RL10_RAT    (Q6PDV7    ), RL10_SHEEP  (A8D8X1    ), 
RL10_SOLME  (P93847    ), RL10_TETTS  (Q235M8    ), RL10_TOBAC  (Q40592    ), 
RL10_VITRI  (Q9SPB3    ), RL10_YEAST  (P41805    )
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False negative sequences
2 sequences

RL10E_CALMQ (A8MDE4    ), RL10E_METHJ (Q2FLD3    )

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182 PDB

1S72; 1VQ4; 1VQ5; 1VQ6; 1VQ7; 1VQ8; 1VQ9; 1VQK; 1VQL; 1VQM; 1VQN; 1VQO; 1VQP; 1YHQ; 1YI2; 1YIJ; 1YIT; 1YJ9; 1YJN; 1YJW; 2OTJ; 2OTL; 2PA2; 2QA4; 2QEX; 3CC2; 3CC4; 3CC7; 3CCE; 3CCJ; 3CCL; 3CCM; 3CCQ; 3CCR; 3CCS; 3CCU; 3CCV; 3CD6; 3CMA; 3CME; 3CPW; 3G4S; 3G6E; 3G71; 3I55; 3I56; 3J6X; 3J6Y; 3J77; 3J78; 3J7O; 3J7P; 3J7Q; 3J7R; 4ADX; 4U3M; 4U3N; 4U3U; 4U4N; 4U4O; 4U4Q; 4U4R; 4U4U; 4U4Y; 4U4Z; 4U50; 4U51; 4U52; 4U53; 4U55; 4U56; 4U6F; 4UG0; 4V4B; 4V6I; 4V6U; 4V6W; 4V6X; 4V7R; 4V88; 4V8P; 4V8T; 4V8Y; 4V8Z; 4V91; 4V9F; 5AJ0; 5AN9; 5ANB; 5ANC; 5APN; 5APO; 5DAT; 5DC3; 5DGE; 5DGF; 5DGV; 5FCI; 5FCJ; 5GAK; 5I4L; 5JUO; 5JUP; 5JUS; 5JUT; 5JUU; 5LKS; 5LYB; 5M1J; 5MC6; 5MEI; 5NDG; 5NDV; 5NDW; 5OBM; 5ON6; 5T2C; 5T62; 5T6R; 5TBW; 5TGA; 5TGM; 6EK0; 6GQ1; 6GQB; 6GQV; 6HD7; 6HHQ; 6I7O; 6IP5; 6IP6; 6IP8; 6LQM; 6N8O; 6OIG; 6OLE; 6OLF; 6OLG; 6OLI; 6OLZ; 6OM0; 6OM7; 6Q8Y; 6QKL; 6QT0; 6QTZ; 6QZP; 6R84; 6R86; 6R87; 6RI5; 6S47; 6SKF; 6SKG; 6SNT; 6SV4; 6SWA; 6T4Q; 6T7I; 6T7T; 6T83; 6TB3; 6TH6; 6TNU; 6W6L; 6WOO; 6XA1; 6Y0G; 6Y2L; 6Y57; 6Y6X; 6Z6J; 6Z6K; 6Z6L; 6Z6M; 6Z6N; 6ZJ3; 6ZM7; 6ZME; 6ZMI; 6ZMO; 7BHP
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