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Entry: PS01284

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] TNASE_2
Accession [info] PS01284
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-NOV-1997 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00865
Associated ProRule [info] PRU10049

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Thermonuclease family signature 2.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 27 in 27 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 27 in 27 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 69
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 28.12 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] active_site at position 5
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
27 sequences

CAN1_ARATH  (F4IZC5    ), CAN1_ORYSJ  (Q942N7    ), NUC_SHIFL   (P29769    ), 
NUC_STAAC   (Q5HHM4    ), NUC_STAAM   (Q99VJ0    ), NUC_STAAN   (Q7A6P2    ), 
NUC_STAAR   (Q6GIK1    ), NUC_STAAS   (Q6GB41    ), NUC_STAAU   (P00644    ), 
NUC_STAAW   (Q8NXI6    ), NUC_STAHY   (P43270    ), NUC_STAIN   (P43269    ), 
PARB4_ECOLX (P22997    ), SND1_BOVIN  (Q863B3    ), SND1_DANRE  (Q7ZT42    ), 
SND1_HUMAN  (Q7KZF4    ), SND1_MOUSE  (Q78PY7    ), SND1_PONAB  (Q5REU4    ), 
SND1_RAT    (Q66X93    ), Y1296_HAEIN (Q57519    ), Y1439_METJA (Q58834    ), 
Y38K_CAPSE  (Q39635    ), Y6211_BACAN (Q9X397    ), YFI3_ECO57  (Q7BSX4    ), 
YFI3_ECOLX  (Q99342    ), YNCB_BACSU  (P94492    ), YOKF_BACSU  (O32001    )
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False negative sequences
69 sequences

CAN2_ARATH  (F4IH31    ), CAN2_ORYSJ  (Q2RBJ2    ), CAN3_ORYSJ  (Q2QYR1    ), 
CAN4_ORYSJ  (Q2QUS0    ), HTP3_SAPPC  (A0A067CMC7), LCL3_AJEDR  (C5GB89    ), 
LCL3_ARTGP  (E4V094    ), LCL3_ARTOC  (C5FTB4    ), LCL3_ASHGO  (Q754Z2    ), 
LCL3_ASPCL  (A1CRW4    ), LCL3_ASPFC  (B0XMZ5    ), LCL3_ASPFN  (B8MY73    ), 
LCL3_ASPFU  (Q4WK77    ), LCL3_ASPNC  (A2Q8K8    ), LCL3_ASPOR  (Q2URN2    ), 
LCL3_ASPTN  (Q0CUT8    ), LCL3_BOTFB  (A6RP27    ), LCL3_CANAL  (Q5AKW3    ), 
LCL3_CANAW  (C4YFU9    ), LCL3_CANDC  (B9W9Z5    ), LCL3_CANGA  (Q6FS62    ), 
LCL3_CANTT  (C5MC60    ), LCL3_CLAL4  (C4Y4X4    ), LCL3_COCP7  (C5P0Z4    ), 
LCL3_COLGM  (E3QWM6    ), LCL3_CRYGW  (E6R427    ), LCL3_DEBHA  (Q6BSY9    ), 
LCL3_EMENI  (Q5BGS2    ), LCL3_FUSV7  (C7YQ31    ), LCL3_KLUDE  (Q874L8    ), 
LCL3_KLULA  (Q6CMM1    ), LCL3_KOMPG  (C4QW04    ), LCL3_LACBS  (B0D7T0    ), 
LCL3_LACTC  (C5E2G4    ), LCL3_LEPMJ  (E4ZVE5    ), LCL3_LODEL  (A5E1Q5    ), 
LCL3_MAGO7  (A4RMK0    ), LCL3_NEOFI  (A1D4S1    ), LCL3_PARBA  (C1H492    ), 
LCL3_PARBD  (C1GKM1    ), LCL3_PARBP  (C0SEQ8    ), LCL3_PENRW  (B6H1W0    ), 
LCL3_PHANO  (Q0UVH1    ), LCL3_PICGU  (A5DNZ8    ), LCL3_PICST  (A3GI61    ), 
LCL3_PODAN  (B2AU25    ), LCL3_PYRTR  (B2WC78    ), LCL3_SCHCM  (D8QGA7    ), 
LCL3_SCHJY  (B6JYT1    ), LCL3_SCHPO  (O60168    ), LCL3_SCLS1  (A7ECE0    ), 
LCL3_TALMQ  (B6QNP4    ), LCL3_UNCRE  (C4JVW2    ), LCL3_VANPO  (A7TE94    ), 
LCL3_VERA1  (C9SI22    ), LCL3_YARLI  (Q6C427    ), LCL3_YEAS1  (B3LHF1    ), 
LCL3_YEAS2  (C7GW31    ), LCL3_YEAS6  (B5VIN9    ), LCL3_YEAS7  (A6ZU94    ), 
LCL3_YEAS8  (C8Z8G3    ), LCL3_YEAST  (P53153    ), LCL3_ZYGRC  (C5DZY8    ), 
SND1_SCHPO  (Q9Y7U7    ), TSN1_ARATH  (Q8VZG7    ), TSN2_ARATH  (Q9FLT0    ), 
Y133_MYCPN  (P75265    ), Y186_MYCGE  (P47432    ), YHCR_BACSU  (P54602    )
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266 PDB

1A2T; 1A2U; 1A3T; 1A3U; 1A3V; 1AEX; 1ENA; 1ENC; 1EQV; 1EY0; 1EY4; 1EY5; 1EY6; 1EY7; 1EY8; 1EY9; 1EYA; 1EYC; 1EYD; 1EZ6; 1EZ8; 1F2M; 1F2Y; 1F2Z; 1JOK; 1JOO; 1JOQ; 1JOR; 1KAA; 1KAB; 1KDA; 1KDB; 1KDC; 1NSN; 1NUC; 1RKN; 1SNC; 1SND; 1SNM; 1SNO; 1SNP; 1SNQ; 1STA; 1STB; 1STG; 1STH; 1STN; 1STY; 1SYB; 1SYC; 1SYD; 1SYE; 1SYF; 1SYG; 1U9R; 2ENB; 2EXZ; 2EY1; 2EY2; 2EY5; 2EY6; 2EYF; 2EYH; 2EYJ; 2EYL; 2EYM; 2EYO; 2EYP; 2F0D; 2F0E; 2F0F; 2F0G; 2F0H; 2F0I; 2F0J; 2F0K; 2F0L; 2F0M; 2F0N; 2F0O; 2F0P; 2F0S; 2F0T; 2F0U; 2F0V; 2F0W; 2F3V; 2F3W; 2KHS; 2LKV; 2M00; 2NUC; 2OXP; 2PQE; 2PW5; 2PW7; 2PYK; 2PZT; 2PZU; 2PZW; 2QDB; 2RBM; 2RDF; 2RKS; 2SNM; 2SNS; 2SOB; 3BDC; 3C1E; 3C1F; 3D4D; 3D4W; 3D6C; 3D8G; 3DMU; 3E5S; 3EJI; 3ERO; 3ERQ; 3EVQ; 3H6M; 3HEJ; 3HZX; 3ITP; 3LX0; 3MHB; 3MVV; 3MXP; 3MZ5; 3NHH; 3NK9; 3NP8; 3NQT; 3NUC; 3NXW; 3OSO; 3OWF; 3P75; 3PMF; 3QOJ; 3QOL; 3R3O; 3RUZ; 3S9W; 3SHL; 3SK4; 3SK5; 3SK6; 3SK8; 3SR1; 3T13; 3T16; 3TME; 3TP5; 3TP6; 3TP7; 3TP8; 3U9O; 4DF7; 4E6I; 4EQN; 4EQO; 4EQP; 4EVO; 4F8M; 4H7B; 4HMI; 4HMJ; 4HTH; 4I65; 4IAL; 4ID6; 4IUN; 4IZ8; 4J1M; 4J6H; 4K14; 4K5V; 4K5W; 4K5X; 4K6D; 4K8I; 4K8J; 4KD4; 4KHV; 4KJN; 4KJO; 4KTA; 4KV6; 4KY5; 4KY6; 4KY7; 4LAA; 4ME5; 4MIU; 4N9P; 4NMZ; 4ODG; 4OL7; 4PMC; 4PNY; 4QB4; 4QF4; 4QMG; 4R8N; 4RKB; 4RKL; 4TRD; 4WOR; 4WRD; 4YIJ; 4ZUI; 4ZUJ; 5C3W; 5C3X; 5C4Z; 5C5L; 5C5M; 5C6A; 5CC4; 5CGK; 5CR3; 5CV4; 5CV5; 5CV8; 5CV9; 5DAU; 5DEH; 5E1F; 5EGT; 5EKK; 5EKL; 5I6W; 5I9O; 5I9P; 5IGB; 5IGC; 5IGE; 5IGF; 5IGG; 5IIF; 5IOC; 5IOD; 5ISR; 5J22; 5JAV; 5K5P; 5KGU; 5KRU; 5KYI; 5KYL; 5NUC; 6AMF; 6B8R; 6EEG; 6EEK; 6OK8; 6U0W; 6U0X; 6XSB; 6XSC; 6XSE; 6XSF; 6XSG; 6XSH; 6XSI
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