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Cytochrome b559 subunits heme-binding site signature


Cytochrome b559 [1] is an essential component of photosystem II complex from oxygenic photosynthetic organisms. It is an integral thylakoid membrane protein composed of two subunits, α (gene psbE) and β (gene psbF), each of which contains a histidine residue located in a transmembrane region. The two histidines coordinate the heme iron of cytochrome b559.

The region around the heme-binding residue of both subunits is very similar and can be used as a signature pattern.

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December 2004 / Pattern and text revised.


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CYTOCHROME_B559, PS00537; Cytochrome b559 subunits heme-binding site signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsPakrasi H.B. De Ciechi P. Whitmarsh J.
TitleSite directed mutagenesis of the heme axial ligands of cytochrome b559 affects the stability of the photosystem II complex.
SourceEMBO J. 10:1619-1627(1991).
PubMed ID1904816

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