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Glycoprotease family signature


Glycoprotease (GCP) (EC [1], or o-syaloglycoprotein endopeptidase, is a metalloprotease secreted by Pasteurella haemolytica which specifically cleaves O-sialoglycoproteins such as glycophorin A. The sequence of GCP is highly similar to uncharacterized orthologs in most complete genomes of bacteria and archaebacteria as well as in yeast (QRI7 and YKR038c).

One of the conserved regions contains two conserved histidines. It is possible that this region is involved in coordinating a metal ion such as zinc.


These proteins belong to family M22 in the classification of peptidases [2,E1].

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1AuthorsAbdullah K.M. Lo R.Y.C. Mellors A.
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PubMed ID1885539

2AuthorsRawlings N.D. Barrett A.J.
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