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PROSITE documentation PDOC00868 [for PROSITE entry PS01128]

Shikimate kinase signature


Shikimate kinase (EC catalyzes the fifth step in the biosynthesis from chorismate of the aromatic amino acids (the shikimate pathway) in bacteria (gene aroK or aroL), plants and in fungi (where it is part of a multifunctional enzyme which catalyzes five consecutive steps in this pathway).

Shikimate kinase is a small protein of about 200 residues. As a signature pattern we selected a conserved region that contains a run of three glycines.


Proteins belonging to this family also contain a copy of the ATP/GTP- binding motif 'A' (P-loop) (see <PDOC00017>).

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November 1995 / First entry.

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SHIKIMATE_KINASE, PS01128; Shikimate kinase signature  (PATTERN)


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