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Malate dehydrogenase active site signature


Malate dehydrogenase (EC (MDH) [1,2] catalyzes the interconversion of malate to oxaloacetate utilizing the NAD/NADH cofactor system. The enzyme participates in the citric acid cycle and exists in all aerobics organisms.

While prokaryotic organisms contains a single form of MDH, in eukaryotic cells there are two isozymes: one which is located in the mitochondrial matrix and the other in the cytoplasm. Fungi and plants also harbor a glyoxysomal form which functions in the glyoxylate pathway. In plants chloroplast there is an additional NADP-dependent form of MDH (EC which is essential for both the universal C3 photosynthesis (Calvin) cycle and the more specialized C4 cycle.

As a signature pattern for this enzyme we have chosen a region that includes two residues involved in the catalytic mechanism [3]: an aspartic acid which is involved in a proton relay mechanism, and an arginine which binds the substrate.


MDH from archaebacteria do not belong to the above family; they are evolutionary related to lactate dehydrogenases [4].

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