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N-4 cytosine-specific DNA methylases signature


N-4 cytosine-specific DNA methylases (EC [1,2,3] are enzymes that specifically methylate the amino group at the C-4 position of cytosines in DNA. Such enzymes are found as components of type II restriction-modification systems in prokaryotes. Such enzymes recognize a specific sequence in DNA and methylate a cytosine in that sequence. By this action they protect DNA from cleavage by type II restriction enzymes that recognize the same sequence.

Type II N-4 Mtases seem to be structurally and enzymatically related to N-6 adenine-specific DNA methylases. Like the N-6 Mtases they contain a conserved Pro-Pro-Tyr/Phe region, but the N- and C-terminal contexts of this region are sufficiently different to derive a consensus pattern specific to this type of enzymes.

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