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Urease domain signatures and profile


Urease (EC is a nickel-binding enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea to carbon dioxide and ammonia [1]. Historically, it was the first enzyme to be crystallized (in 1926). It is mainly found in plant seeds, microorganisms and invertebrates. In plants, urease is a hexamer of identical chains. In bacteria [2], it consists of either two or three different subunits (α, β and γ).

Urease binds two nickel ions per subunit; four histidine, an aspartate and a carbamated-lysine serve as ligands to these metals; an additional histidine is involved in the catalytic mechanism [3]. The urease domain forms an (α β)(8) barrel structure (see <PDB:2KAU>) with structural similarity to other metal-dependent hydrolases, such as adenosine and AMP deaminase (see <PDOC00419>) and phosphotriesterase (see <PDOC01026>).

As signatures for this enzyme, we selected a region that contains two histidines that bind one of the nickel ions and the region of the active site histidine. We also developed a profile that covers the whole urease domain.

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April 2008 / Text revised; profile added.


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UREASE_3, PS51368; Urease domain profile  (MATRIX)

UREASE_1, PS01120; Urease nickel ligands signature  (PATTERN)

UREASE_2, PS00145; Urease active site  (PATTERN)


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