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Flavodoxins [1] are electron-transfer proteins that function in various electron transport systems. Flavodoxins bind one FMN molecule, which serves as a redox-active prosthetic group. Flavodoxins are functionally interchangeable with ferredoxins. They have been isolated from prokaryotes, cyanobacteria, and some eukaryotic algae. The signature pattern for these proteins is derived from a conserved region in their N-terminal section, this region is involved in the binding of the FMN phosphate group.

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FLAVODOXIN, PS00201; Flavodoxin signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsWakabayashi S. Kimura T. Fukuyama K. Matsubara H. Rogers L.J.
TitleThe amino acid sequence of a flavodoxin from the eukaryotic red alga Chondrus crispus.
SourceBiochem. J. 263:981-984(1989).
PubMed ID2597140

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