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Heat-stable enterotoxins signature


Prokaryotic heat-stable enterotoxins [1] are responsible for acute diarrhea. The active toxin is a short peptide of around twenty residues which contains six cysteines involved in three disulfide bonds, as shown in the following schematic representation:

                             +--|----+  |
                             |  |    |  |
                            |    |
'C': conserved cysteine involved in a disulfide bond.

We have taken the pattern of cysteines, along with three conserved residues, as a signature pattern for this group of proteins.

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ENTEROTOXIN_H_STABLE, PS00273; Heat-stable enterotoxins signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsShimonishi Y. Hidaka Y. Koizumi M. Hane M. Aimoto S. Takeda T. Miwatani T. Takeda Y.
TitleMode of disulfide bond formation of a heat-stable enterotoxin (STh) produced by a human strain of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli.
SourceFEBS Lett. 215:165-170(1987).
PubMed ID3552731

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