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Caseins alpha/beta signature


Caseins [1] are the major protein constituent of milk. Caseins can be classified into two families; the first consists of the kappa-caseins, and the second groups the α-s1, α-s2, and β-caseins. The α/β caseins are a rapidly diverging family of proteins. However two regions are conserved: a cluster of phosphorylated serine residues and the signal sequence. The signature pattern we selected for this family of proteins is based on the last eight residues of the signal sequence.


α-s2 casein is known as epsilon-casein in mouse, γ-casein in rat and casein-A in guinea pig. α-s1 casein is known as α-casein in rat and rabbit and as casein-B in guinea-pig.

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CASEIN_ALPHA_BETA, PS00306; Caseins alpha/beta signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsHolt C. Sawyer L.
TitlePrimary and predicted secondary structures of the caseins in relation to their biological functions.
SourceProtein Eng. 2:251-259(1988).
PubMed ID3074304

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