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Phenylalanine and histidine ammonia-lyases active site


Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (EC (PAL) is a key enzyme of plant and fungi phenylpropanoid metabolism which is involved in the biosynthesis of a wide variety of secondary metabolites such as flavanoids, furanocoumarin phytoalexins and cell wall components. These compounds have many important roles in plants during normal growth and in responses to environmental stress. PAL catalyzes the removal of an ammonia group from phenylalanine to form trans-cinnamate.

Histidine ammonia-lyase (EC (histidase) catalyzes the first step in histidine degradation, the removal of an ammonia group from histidine to produce urocanic acid.

The two types of enzymes are functionally and structurally related [1]. They are the only enzymes which are known to have the modified amino acid dehydro-alanine (DHA) in their active site. A serine residue has been shown [2,3,4] to be the precursor of this essential electrophilic moiety. The region around this active site residue is well conserved and can be used as a signature pattern.

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