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Matrixins cysteine switch


Mammalian extracellular matrix metalloproteinases (EC 3.4.24.-), also known as matrixins [1] (see <PDOC00129>), are zinc-dependent enzymes. They are secreted by cells in an inactive form (zymogen) that differs from the mature enzyme by the presence of an N-terminal propeptide. A highly conserved octapeptide is found two residues downstream of the C-terminal end of the propeptide. This region has been shown to be involved in autoinhibition of matrixins [2,3]; a cysteine within the octapeptide chelates the active site zinc ion, thus inhibiting the enzyme. This region has been called the 'cysteine switch' or 'autoinhibitor region'.

A cysteine switch has been found in the following zinc proteases:

  • MMP-1 (EC (interstitial collagenase).
  • MMP-2 (EC (72 Kd gelatinase).
  • MMP-3 (EC (stromelysin-1).
  • MMP-7 (EC (matrilysin).
  • MMP-8 (EC (neutrophil collagenase).
  • MMP-9 (EC (92 Kd gelatinase).
  • MMP-10 (EC (stromelysin-2).
  • MMP-11 (EC 3.4.24.-) (stromelysin-3).
  • MMP-12 (EC (macrophage metalloelastase).
  • MMP-13 (EC 3.4.24.-) (collagenase 3).
  • MMP-14 (EC 3.4.24.-) (membrane-type matrix metalliproteinase 1).
  • MMP-15 (EC 3.4.24.-) (membrane-type matrix metalliproteinase 2).
  • MMP-16 (EC 3.4.24.-) (membrane-type matrix metalliproteinase 3).
  • Sea urchin hatching enzyme (EC (envelysin) [4].
  • Chlamydomonas reinhardtii gamete lytic enzyme (GLE) [5].
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