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D-amino acid oxidases signature


D-amino acid oxidase (EC (DAMOX or DAO) is an FAD flavoenzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of neutral and basic D-amino acids into their corresponding keto acids. DAOs have been characterized and sequenced in fungi and vertebrates where they are known to be located in the peroxisomes.

D-aspartate oxidase (EC (DASOX) [1] is an enzyme, structurally related to DAO, which catalyzes the same reaction but is active only toward dicarboxylic D-amino acids.

In DAO, a conserved histidine has been shown [2] to be important for the enzyme's catalytic activity. We have used the conserved region around this residue as a signature pattern for these enzymes.

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DAO, PS00677; D-amino acid oxidases signature  (PATTERN)


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2AuthorsMiyano M. Fukui K. Watanabe F. Takahashi S. Tada M. Kanashiro M. Miyake Y.
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