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Transcription termination factor nusG signature


The nusG protein [1,2] is a bacterial transcriptional elongation factor that NusG protein [1,2] is a bacterial transcriptional elongation factor that component of the transcription complex and interacts with the termination factor rho and RNA polymerase.

NusG is a protein of 177 to 353 amino-acid residues [3,4] whose C-terminal sequence is well conserved. We developed a signature pattern from the most conserved part of nusG.

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November 1997 / Pattern and text revised.


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NUSG, PS01014; Transcription termination factor nusG signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsLi J. Horwitz R. McCracken S. Greenblatt J.
TitleNusG, a new Escherichia coli elongation factor involved in transcriptional antitermination by the N protein of phage lambda.
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PubMed ID1532577

2AuthorsLi J. Mason S.W. Greenblatt J.
TitleElongation factor NusG interacts with termination factor rho to regulate termination and antitermination of transcription.
SourceGenes Dev. 7:161-172(1993).
PubMed ID8422985

3AuthorsHeinrich T. Schroder W. Erdmann V.A. Hartmann R.K.
TitleIdentification of the gene encoding transcription factor NusG of Thermus thermophilus.
SourceJ. Bacteriol. 174:7859-7863(1992).
PubMed ID1447157

4AuthorsMiyake K. Onaka H. Horinouchi S. Beppu T.
TitleOrganization and nucleotide sequence of the secE-nusG region of Streptomyces griseus.
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PubMed ID8286423

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