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Ribosomal protein L18e signature


A number of eukaryotic and archaebacterial ribosomal proteins can be grouped on the basis of sequence similarities. One of these families consists of:

  • Vertebrate L18 (known as L14 in Xenopus) [1].
  • Plant L18.
  • Yeast L18 (Rp28).
  • Halobacterium marismortui Hl29.
  • Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Hl29e.

These proteins have 115 to 187 amino-acid residues. As a signature pattern, we selected a stretch of about 13 residues in the first third of these proteins.

Last update:

April 2006 / Pattern revised.


Technical section

PROSITE method (with tools and information) covered by this documentation:

RIBOSOMAL_L18E, PS01106; Ribosomal protein L18e signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsPuder M. Barnard G.F. Staniunas R.J. Steele G.D. Jr. Chen L.B.
TitleNucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of human ribosomal protein L18.
SourceBiochim. Biophys. Acta 1216:134-136(1993).
PubMed ID8218404

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