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Glycosyl hydrolases family 45 active site


The microbial degradation of cellulose and xylans requires several types of enzymes such as endoglucanases (EC, cellobiohydrolases (EC (exoglucanases), or xylanases (EC [1,2]. Fungi and bacteria produces a spectrum of cellulolytic enzymes (cellulases) and xylanases which, on the basis of sequence similarities, can be classified into families. One of these families is known as the cellulase family K or as the glycosyl hydrolases family 45 [3,E1]. The enzymes which are currently known to belong to this family are listed below.

  • Endoglucanase 5 from Humicola insolens.
  • Endoglucanase 5 from Trichoderma reesei (egl5).
  • Endoglucanase K from Fusarium oxysporum.
  • Endoglucanase B from Pseudomonas fluorescens (celB).
  • Endoglucanase 1 from Ustilago maydis (egl1).

The best conserved regions in these enzymes is located in the N-terminal section. It contains an aspartic acid residue which has been shown [4] to act as a nucleophile in the catalytic mechanism. We use this region as a signature pattern.

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GLYCOSYL_HYDROL_F45, PS01140; Glycosyl hydrolases family 45 active site  (PATTERN)


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