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Uncharacterized protein family UPF0021 signature


The following uncharacterized proteins have been shown [1] to share regions of similarities:

  • Yeast chromosome VII hypothetical protein YGL211w.
  • Dictyostelium discoideum protein veg136.
  • Methanococcus jannaschii hypothetical proteins MJ1157 and MJ1478.

These are proteins of from 300 to 36o residues. They can be picked up in the database by the following pattern which is located in their N-terminal section.

Last update:

November 1997 / First entry.


Technical section

PROSITE method (with tools and information) covered by this documentation:

UPF0021, PS01263; Uncharacterized protein family UPF0021 signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsBairoch A.
SourceUnpublished observations (1997).

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