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Rap GTPase activating proteins domain profile


Rap small G proteins have been implicated in various cellular processes such as exocytosis, cAMP signalling, cell adhesion and cell proliferation. Rap proteins acts as molecular switches, with an active GTP-bound form and an inactive GDP-bound form [1]. The inactive GDP bound form is promoted by GTPase-activating proteins (GAPs). GAP proteins specific for Rap contain a conserved region of around 200 amino-acid residues, the RapGAP domain. This domain can accelerate the GTP hydrolysis activity of Rap by five orders of magnitude [2].

Some proteins known to contain a Rap-GAP domain are listed below:

  • RAP1 GTPase activating protein (RAP1GAP).
  • Mammalian tuberin protein, the product of a familial tuberous sclerosis gene which, when deleted, causes begnin tumours. It also have a GAP activity for Rab5 [3].
  • Drosophila Gigas protein, an homologue of tuberin involved in regulation of cell cycle.
  • Mammalian tuberin-like protein TULIP.
  • GTPase-activating protein Spa-1. It functions as a negative regulator for the activation of Rap1, thereby having a negative effect on cell adhesion [4].

The profile we developed covers the entire RapGAP domain.

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