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Ankyrin repeat and ankyrin repeat region profiles


Ankyrin repeats (ANK) are tandemly repeated modules of about 33 amino acids. They occur in a large number of functionally diverse proteins mainly from eukaryotes. The few known examples from prokaryotes and viruses may be the result of horizontal gene transfers [1].

Many ankyrin repeat regions are known to function as protein-protein interaction domains.

The conserved fold of the ankyrin repeat unit is known from several crystal and solution structures, e.g. from:

  • p53-binding protein 53BP2 [2],
  • Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p19Ink4d [3],
  • Transcriptional regulator GABP-β [4],
  • NF-kappaB inhibitory protein IkB-α [5].

It has been described as an L-shaped structure consisting of a β-hairpin and two α-helices [2].

Two profiles were developed for this module, the first one picks up ANK repeats while the second profile is 'circular' and will thus detect a region containing adjacent ANK repeats.

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December 2001 / First entry.


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ANK_REPEAT, PS50088; Ankyrin repeat profile  (MATRIX)

ANK_REP_REGION, PS50297; Ankyrin repeat region circular profile  (MATRIX)


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