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Smr domain profile


The Smr domain is an around 90-residue domain found in:

  • The C-terminal region of the mutS2 proteins from bacteria and plants,
  • The small mutS related (smr) proteins from bacteria and eukaryotes.

These proteins could be involved in mismatch repair (MMR) or/and chromosome crossing-over and segregation. It has been proposed that the Smr domain acts as a nicking endonuclease [1,2].

The profile we developed spans the entire Smr domain.

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March 2004 / First entry.


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SMR, PS50828; Smr domain profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsMoreira D. Philippe H.
TitleSmr: a bacterial and eukaryotic homologue of the C-terminal region of the MutS2 family.
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PubMed ID10431172

2AuthorsMalik H.S. Henikoff S.
TitleDual recognition-incision enzymes might be involved in mismatch repair and meiosis.
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