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Zinc finger integrase-type profile


The retroviral integrase is the enzyme responsible for the insertion of a DNA copy of the viral genome into host DNA, an essential step in the replication cycle of viruses [1]. Integrases comprise three functional and structural domains: the central core domain, which contains the catalytic site, an N-terminal zinc finger and a C-terminal DNA binding domain [2]. The zinc finger has the signature of zinc-binding residues H-x(3)-H-x(23)-C-x(2)-C. The function of this domain is unclear; however, it is required for integration activity and enhances tetramerization in the context of the full-length integrase [3].

The structure of this domain has been solved [3], it comprises four helices (see <PDB:1WJA>). The fold is very similar to that of a number of HTH DNA binding motifs, with helices 2 and 3 corresponding to the HTH motif . The third helice is used for dimerization, whereas in the HTH motif it binds DNA.

The profile we developed covers the whole domain.

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ZF_INTEGRASE, PS50876; Zinc finger integrase-type profile  (MATRIX)


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