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BON domain profile


The BON (bacterial OsmY and nodulation) domain is found in the bacterial osmotic-shock-resistance protein OsmY, a family of haemolysins, a group of nodulation specificity proteins and secretory channels, and several hypothetical proteins. It is typically about 60 residues long and has an α/β predicted fold. There is a conserved glycine residue and several hydrophobic regions. The BON domain can be found in one or more copies and associated with other domains, such as CBS, LysM or FHA (see <PDOC50006>). The BON domain is likely to be a phospholipid-binding domain that is involved in osmotic-shock protection and other cell-membrane-localized processes [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire BON domain.

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August 2003 / First entry.


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BON, PS50914; BON domain profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsYeats C. Bateman A.
TitleThe BON domain: a putative membrane-binding domain.
SourceTrends Biochem. Sci. 28:352-355(2003).
PubMed ID12878000

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