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The TROVE (Telomerase, Ro and Vault) domain is a module of ~300-500 residues that is found in TEP1 and Ro60 the protein components of three ribonucleoprotein particles. The TROVE domain is also found in bacterial ribonucleoproteins suggesting an ancient origin of these ribonucleoproteins. The TROVE domain can be found associated with other domains, such as the VWFA domain (see <PDOC50234>), the TEP1 N-terminal domain, the NACHT-NTPase domain (see <PDOC50837>), and WD-40 repeats (see <PDOC00574>). The TROVE domain may be involved in binding the RNA components of the three RNPs, which are telomerase RNA, Y RNA and vault RNA [1].

The TROVE domain contains a few absolutely conserved residues. As none of these conserved residues are the polar type of amino acids found in active sites, it seems unlikely that this region has an enzymatic function [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire TROVE domain.

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1AuthorsBateman A. Kickhoefer V.
TitleThe TROVE module: a common element in Telomerase, Ro and Vault ribonucleoproteins.
SourceBMC Bioinformatics. 4:49-49(2003).
PubMed ID14563212

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