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Integrase DNA binding domain profile


The retroviral integrase is the enzyme responsible for the insertion of a DNA copy of the viral genome into host DNA, an essential step in the replication cycle of viruses [1]. Integrases comprise three functional and structural domains: the central core domain, which contains the catalytic residues (see <PDOC50994>), an N-terminal zinc finger (see <PDOC50876>) and a C-terminal DNA binding domain [2]. The DNA binding domain displays the same DNA binding characteristic and affinity for viral and nonspecific double-stranded DNA as the intact integrase protein [3].

The structure of the DNA binding domain of HIV-1 integrase has been determined (see <PDB:1IHV>). The domain dimerizes in solution, and each subunit is composed of a five-stranded β-barrel with a topology very similar to that of the SH3 domain. Dimerization form a large central saddle-shaped groove. This cleft contains a number of positively charged residues, and its dimensions are appropriate for accommodating a double-stranded DNA helix [4].

The profile we developed covers the whole integrase DNA binding domain.

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