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Neuralized homology repeat (NHR) domain profile


The neuralized homology repeat (NHR) domain is a module of ~160 amino acids, which has been identified as a tandem repeat in drosophila neuralized, a protein involved in development of the central and peripheral nervous system [1]. Several other fly, worm, and mammalian neuralized-like proteins were found to contain between one and six NHR domains associated with other modules, such as RING (see <PDOC00449>), SOCS (see <PDOC50225>), or SPRY [2,3]. It has been suggested that the NHR domain is required for the localization of neuralized to the plasma membrane [4]. As it has been proposed that NHR domains do partly resemble SPRY domains, it is possible that NHR possess microtubule-binding functions, similar to those proposed for SPRY domains [3].

Some proteins known to contain a NHR domain are listed below:

  • Drosophila neuralized protein. It is involved in neurogenesis and interacts with other neurogenic proteins in the specification of the neuroblast versus epidermoblast cell fate.
  • Mammalian neuralized-like protein 2. It plays an important role in the process of myofiber differentiation and maturation.

The profile we developed covers the entire NHR domain.


The NHR domain has also been called NEUZ domain [2,3].

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