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SOCS box domain profile


The SOCS box domain was first identified in SH2-domain-containing proteins of the suppressor of cytokines signaling (SOCS) family [1] but was latter also found in:

  • The WSB (WD-40-repeat-containing proteins with a SOCS box) family,
  • The SSB (SPRY domain-containing proteins with a SOCS box) family,
  • The ASB (Ankyrin-repeat-containing proteins with a SOCS box) family,
  • The RAR (GTPase domain and SOCS box-containing proteins) family [2].

The SOCS box found in these proteins is a C-terminal domain of about 50 amino acids composed of two blocks of well-conserved residues separated by between 2 to 10 nonconserved residues [2]. The C-terminal conserved region is a Leu/Pro-rich sequence of unknown function, whereas the N-terminal conserved region is called a 'BC box' [3] and binds to the elongin BC complex [3,4]. It has been proposed that this association could couple bound proteins to the ubiquitination or proteasomal compartments [4].

Some proteins known to contain a SOCS box domain are listed below:

  • Mammalian cytokine-inducible SH2-containing (CIS) protein. This protein belongs to the SOCS family and inhibits erythropoietin and interleukin 3 receptor signaling by competing with signaling molecules such as STATs for binding to phosphorylated receptor cytoplasmic domains.
  • Mammalian SOCS-1 protein. This protein is a negative regulator of interleukin 6 signaling. It acts by binding to and inhibiting the catalytic activity of members of the JAK family of cytoplasmic kinases.
  • Vertebrate WSB-1.

The profile we developed covers the entire SOCS box domain.

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