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Headpiece (HP) domain profile


Headpiece is an ~70-residue F-actin-binding domain present at the C terminus of many cytoskeletal proteins [1]. It was first discovered in the epithelial brush border protein villin, a member of the gelsolin family, which consists of six gelsolin repeats, followed by the C-terminal headpiece domain [2].

The headpiece domain folds in a very compact globular structure organized around an extended hydrophobic core (see <PDB:1QQV>) [1]. It is composed of a highly α-helical C-terminal subdomain and an N-terminal subdomain made up of bends and turns with a short α-helix. Most of the actin-binding residues identified by biochemical studies are localized on a single face on the surface of the domain [3].

Some of the proteins known to contain a headpiece domain are listed below:

  • Eukaryotic villin protein, a Ca(2+)-regulated actin-binding protein. Villin has been demonstrated to bundle and sever F-actin [4].
  • Drosophila villin-like protein quail.
  • Vertebrate dematin, an actin-bundling protein.
  • Animal actin-binding LIM (AbLIM) or limatin protein. It may act as scaffold protein and may play a role in axon guidance.
  • Vertebrate advillin protein. It may function in the morphogenesis of neuronal cells which form ganglia.
  • Supervillin protein. It forms a high-affinity link between the actin cytoskeleton and the membrane.

The profile we developed covers the whole headpiece domain.

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