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Rad50 zinc-hook domain profile


The MRN complex (Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1) plays an important role in many DNA metabolic events that involve DNA double-stranded breaks. MRN is one of the first factors to be localized to DNA lesions where it might have a structural role by tethering and stabilizing broken chromosomes [1,2].

Rad50 is a split ABC-type ATPase; its center contains a long heptad repeat that folds into an antiparallel coiled coil, bringing the N-terminal (Walker A) and the C-terminal (Walker B) domains in close proximity (see <PDB:1L8D>) [3]. The apex of the coiled coil contains a dimerization interface, a conserved Cys-x-x-Cys motif in a hook-shaped domain that dimerizes with a second hook domain via cysteine-mediated zinc ion coordination (see the schematic representation below). This zinc dependent dimerization event allows the formation of a complex that has appropriate lenghts and conformational proporties to link sister chromatids in homologous recombination and DNA ends in non-homologous end-joining.

  x           x  x           x x x          x x x           x  x           x
    x       x      x       x       C      C       x       x      x       x
      x   x          x   x       x   \  /   x       x   x          x   x
        x              x        x     Zn     x        x              x
      x   x          x   x       x   /  \   x       x   x          x   x
    x       x      x       x       C      C       x       x      x       x
  x           x  x           x x x          x x x           x  x           x

            coiled coil                                   coiled coil
'C': conserved cysteine involved in zinc binding.

The profile we developed covers the two cysteines and the coiled coil region.

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