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Zinc finger SBP-type profile


SQUAMOSA promoter binding proteins (SBPs) form a major family of plant-specific transcription factors related to flower development. They share a highly conserved DNA-binding domain that contains two zinc-binding sites. Among the 11 possible ligands for the zinc atoms that are conserved in the SBP zinc finger, only 8 are used. The SBP zinc finger follows the general pattern C-x4-C-x16-C-x2-[HC]-x15-C-x2-C-x3-H-x11-C. Three other histidines are well conserved but not involved in zinc binding [1,2].

In vitro experiments show that the SBP zinc finger preferentially binds the consensus sequence -TNCGTACAA- [3]. However, little is known of the physiological functions of these putative transcriptional regulators beyond their ability to bind DNA.

The solution structure of the SBP zinc finger has been solved (see <PDB:1UL4>) [2]. The first four Cys or His coordinate one zinc ion and the last four coordinate the other. It can be viewed as two structural subdomains, each subdomain containing a single zinc-binding pocket. The N-terminal subdomain consists of two short α helices whereas the C-terminal one contains a three-stranded antiparallel β-sheet.

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