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The SET domain is an evolutionarily conserved domain found predominantly in histone methyltransferases (HMTs) (see <PDOC50280>). Not all SET domain-containing proteins possess HMTase activities. The HTMase activity is probably restricted to a subset of SET domain proteins as it requires the combination of the SET domain with the adjacent cysteine-rich regions, one located N-terminally (pre-SET) and the other posterior to the SET domain (post-SET). In a subset of SET and post-SET containing proteins, a so-called associated with SET (AWS) domain is found instead of the pre-SET domain. In addition to the SET and post-SET domains to which it is always associated, the AWS domain can also be found with PWWP (see <PDOC50812>), AT-hook, WW (see <PDOC50020>), PHD (see <PDOC50016>) or BAH (see <PDOC51038>) [1,2,3].

Some proteins known to contain an AWS domain are listed below:

  • Yeast set-2 protein.
  • Human huntingtin-interacting protein B (HYPB).

The profile we developed covers the entire AWS domain.

Last update:

June 2006 / First entry.


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AWS, PS51215; AWS domain profile  (MATRIX)


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