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NIDO domain profile


The ~180-residue NIDO domain is an extracellular domain of unknown function, found in nidogen (entactin) and hypothetical proteins. The NIDO domain is found in association with other domains, such as nidogen G2 β-barrel (see <PDOC50993>), thyroglobulin type-1 (see <PDOC00377>), LDLRB (see <PDOC51120>), AMOP (see <PDOC50856>), EGF-like (see <PDOC00021>), VWFD, IPT/TIG, or sushi/CCP/SCR (see <PDOC50923>) [1,2,3,4].

Some proteins known to contain a NIDO domain are listed below:

  • Vertebrate nidogen-1 (NID-1) or entactin, a sulfated glycoprotein widely distributed in basement membranes.
  • Vertebrate nidogen-2 (NID-2) or osteonidogen, a cell adhesion glycoprotein which is widely distributed in basement membranes.
  • Vertebrate α-tectorin.
  • Mammalian mucin-4 (MUC4), a highly glycosylated membrane-bound protein.
  • Xenopus ID14, a putative matrix protein.

The profile we developed covers the entire NIDO domain.

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