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The DCD domain is found in plant proteins involved in development and cell death. The DCD domain is an ~130 amino acid long stretch that contains several mostly invariable motifs. These include a FGLP and a LFL motif at the N-terminus and a PAQV and a PLxE motif towards the C-terminus of the domain. The DCD domain is present in proteins with different architectures. Some of these proteins contain additional recognizable motifs, like the KELCH repeats or the ParB domain [1].

The predicted secondary structure of the DCD domain is mostly composed of β strands and confined by an α-helix at the N- and at the C-terminus [1].

some proteins known to contain a DCD domain are listed below:

  • Carrot B2 protein.
  • Pea Gda-1 protein.
  • Soybean N-rich protein (NRP).

The profile we developed covers the entire DCD domain.

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June 2006 / First entry.


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1AuthorsTenhaken R. Doerks T. Bork P.
TitleDCD - a novel plant specific domain in proteins involved in development and programmed cell death.
SourceBMC Bioinformatics 6:169-169(2005).
PubMed ID16008837

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