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K-box domain profile


MADS genes in plants encode key developmental regulators of vegetative and reproductive development. The majority of the plant MADS proteins share a stereotypical MIKC structure. It comprises (from N- to C-terminal) an N-terminal domain, which is, however, present only in a minority of proteins; a MADS domain (see <PDOC00302>), which is the major determinant of DNA-binding but which also performs dimerization and accessory factor binding functions; a weakly conserved intervening (I) domain, which constitutes a key molecular determinant for the selective formation of DNA-binding dimers; a keratin-like (K-box) domain, which promotes protein dimerization; and a C-terminal (C) domain, which is involved in transcriptional activation or in the formation of ternary or quaternary protein complexes. The 80-amino acid K-box domain was originally identified as a region with low but significant similarity to a region of keratin, which is part of the coiled-coil sequence constituting the central rod-shaped domain of keratin [1,2,3].

The K-box protein-protein interaction domain which mediates heterodimerization of MIKC-type MADS proteins contains several heptad repeats in which the first and the fourth positions are occupied by hydrophobic amino acids suggesting that the K-box domain forms three amphipathic α-helices referred to as K1, K2, and K3 [3].

The profile we developed covers the entire K-box domain.

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