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Single-minded C-terminal domain profile


In Drosophila, single-minded (sim) is a transcription factor that acts as the master regulator of neurogenesis. Two mammalian homologs of Sim, Sim1 and Sim2, have been identified. There is a high level of homology among mammalian and Drosophila sim proteins in their amino-terminal half where the conserved bHLH (see <PDOC00038>), PAS (see <PDOC50112>) and HST domains are present. In contrast, the carboxy-terminal parts are only conserved in vertebrates [1]. The Sim1 C-terminus contains a Ser-rich region, whereas the Sim2 C-terminus both contain Ser/Thr-rich regions, Pro/Ser-rich regions, Pro/Ala-rich regions, and positively charged regions. Sim2s, a splice variant of Sim2, still contains the Ser/Thr- and Pro/Ser-rich regions shown to harbor repressive activities, but is missing the Pro/Ala-rich repressor region [1,2,3].

The profile we developed covers the entire single-minded C-terminal domain.

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