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TFIIS central domain profile


Transcription factor IIS (TFIIS) is a transcription elongation factor that increases the overall transcription rate of RNA polymerase II by reactivating transcription elongation complexes that have arrested transcription. TFIIS is a modular factor that comprises an N-terminal domain (see <PDOC51319>), a central domain, and a C-terminal TFIIS-type zinc finger (see <PDOC00383>). The central domain is conserved in TFIIS homologues and interacts with RNA polymerase II [1,2].

The TFIIS central domain comprises a bundle of three helices [1,2] and three short helices, which form upon Pol II interaction [3] (see <PDB:1PQV>). The three-helix bundle is built around a hydrophobic core composed largely of three tyrosines protruding from one face of the C-terminal helix [1]. The TFIIS domain is separated from the TFIIS-type zinc finger by an interdomain linker [1], which is unstructured in free TFIIs [2]. Upon Pol II binding, however, the linker forms an α-helix, which runs along the Pol II bottom face [3].

The profile we developed covers the TFIIS central domain and the linker α-helix.

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