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TFIIE beta central core DNA-binding domain profile


Initiation of eukaryotic mRNA transcription requires melting of promoter DNA with the help of the general transcription factors TFIIE and TFIIH. TFIIE consists of a large and a small subunit, referred to as α (see <PDOC51344>) and β, respectively, in higher eukaryotes. TFIIE β has been found to bind to the region where the promoter starts to open to be single-stranded upon transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II. The ~120-residue central core domain of TFIIE β plays a role in double-stranded DNA binding of TFIIE [1].

The TFIIE β central core DNA-binding domain consists of three helices with a β hairpin at the C-terminus, resembling the winged helix proteins (see <PDB:1D8J>). It shows a novel double-stranded DNA-binding activity where the DNA-binding surface locates on the opposite side to the previously reported winged helix motif by forming a positively charged furrow [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire TFIIE β central core DNA-binding domain.

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1AuthorsOkuda M. Watanabe Y. Okamura H. Hanaoka F. Ohkuma Y. Nishimura Y.
TitleStructure of the central core domain of TFIIEbeta with a novel double-stranded DNA-binding surface.
SourceEMBO J. 19:1346-1356(2000).
PubMed ID10716934

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