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Xin repeat profile


Xin (which means heart in Chinese) repeats are 16 amino acid tandem repeats found in all vertebrates, including mammals, birds, amphibians and fishes. They are present in at least two different muscle proteins, Xin and the closely related Xin-repeat protein 2 (XIRP2). The Xin repeat is an actin-binding motif, capable of binding to actin filaments and organizing microfilaments into loose networks. A minimum of 3 Xin repeats is required for the binding to actin filaments. The consensus sequence of the Xin repeats is G-D-V-[KQRS]-x(2)-[RKT]-W-L-F-E-T-[QRKT]-P-L-D [1,2,3,4].

The profile we developed covers the entire Xin repeat.

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June 2008 / First entry.


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1AuthorsWang D.-Z. Reiter R.S. Lin J.L.-C. Wang Q. Williams H.S. Krob S.L. Schultheiss T.M. Evans S. Lin J.J.-C.
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PubMed ID10021346

2AuthorsPacholsky D. Vakeel P. Himmel M. Loewe T. Stradal T. Rottner K. Fuerst D.O. van der Ven P.F.M.
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PubMed ID15454575

3AuthorsLin J.J.-C. Gustafson-Wagner E.A. Sinn H.W. Choi S. Jaacks S.M. Wang D.-Z. Evans S. Li-Chun Lin J.L.-C.
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PubMed ID16708114

4AuthorsHuang H.-T. Brand O.M. Mathew M. Ignatiou C. Ewen E.P. McCalmon S.A. Naya F.J.
TitleMyomaxin is a novel transcriptional target of MEF2A that encodes a Xin-related alpha-actinin-interacting protein.
SourceJ. Biol. Chem. 281:39370-39379(2006).
PubMed ID17046827

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