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Pacifastin domain profile


The pacifastin family is composed of proteinase inhibitors from arthropods:

  • Freshwater crayfish pacifastin light chain.
  • Migratory locust LMPI-1 to -3.
  • Desert locust SGPI-1 to -5.
  • Yellowfever mosquito AAPP-1.
  • African malaria mosquito AGPP-1.

These proteinase inhibitors belong to family I19 [E1] and share a pacifastin domain of ~35 residues, which contains a characteristic pattern of six conserved cysteine residues (C-x(9,12)-C-N-x-C-x-C-x(2,3)-G-x(3,6)-C-T-x(3)-C). The pacifastin domain consists of a twisted β-sheet composed of three antiparallel strands and stabilized by an identical pattern (C1-C4, C2-C6, C3-C5) of disulfide bridges (see <PDB:1GL1>) [1,2,3,4,5,6].

The profile we developed covers the entire pacifastin domain.

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