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RWP-RK domain profile


The RWP-RK putative DNA-binding domain has been named after its most striking feature, the invariant R-W-P-x-R-K motif. It could be involved in the regulation of genes controlled by nitrogen status. The RWP-RK domain is found in the following protein [1]:

  • Legume NIN (for nodule inception), a protein required for the formation of infection threads and the initiation of primordia.
  • Arabidopsis NIN-like protein 1 (NLP1 or F6P23.15), a protein of unknown function.
  • Arabidopsis NIN-like protein 2 (NLP2 or F23E12.170), a protein of unknown function.
  • Arabidopsis NIN-like protein 7 (NLP7 or T19F6.16), a protein of unknown function.
  • Arabidopsis NIN-like protein 8 (NLP8 or T1O24.24), a protein of unknown function.
  • Chlamydomonas Mid, a protein that determines the development of minus gametes during gametogenesis. It controls the expression of minus-specific genes and repress the expression of the opposing plus-specific genes.

The profile we developed covers the entire RWP-RK domain.

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1AuthorsSchauser L. Roussis A. Stiller J. Stougaard J.
TitleA plant regulator controlling development of symbiotic root nodules.
SourceNature 402:191-195(1999).
PubMed ID10647012

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