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The Plants and Prokaryotes Conserved (PPC) domain contains a hydrophobic region in the C terminal, and in the case of plants, is often found in several proteins with the AT-hook motif. Proteins with PPC domains are found in Bacteria, Archaea and the plant kingdom [1,2].

The PPC domain has a single α-helix packed against an antiparallel β-sheet, which is formed by five β-strands (see <PDB:2DT4>) [2]:

Some proteins known to contain a PPC domain are listed below:

  • Plant AT-hook motif nuclear localized protein 1 (AHL1), a matrix-attachment region (MAR) binding protein involved in positioning chromatin fibers in the nucleus by an AT-hook motif and PPC.
  • Pyrococcus horikoshii putative uncharacterized protein PH0802.
  • Cyanobacteria bifunctional protein GlmU.

The profile we developed covers the entire PPC domain.

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1AuthorsFujimoto S. Matsunaga S. Yonemura M. Uchiyama S. Azuma T. Fukui K.
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PubMed ID15604740

2AuthorsLin L. Nakano H. Nakamura S. Uchiyama S. Fujimoto S. Matsunaga S. Kobayashi Y. Ohkubo T. Fukui K.
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PubMed ID17295322

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