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MSS4 (mammalian suppressor of Sec4) is an evolutionarily highly conserved protein, which is expressed in all mammalian tissues. Although it was first proposed to function as a guanine exchange factor (GEF) for Rab GTPases, it was soon described as a quite inefficient GEF and was thus suggested to function rather as a chaperone, protecting nucleotide free Rabs from degradation, than as a GEF [1].

The structure of MSS4 revealed a mostly β fold stabilized by a Zn(2+) ion coordinated by cysteine residues from two CxxC motifs. The fold of the MSS4 domain consists of a central β sheet (βG-βK) flanked by a β hairpin (βB-βC) on one side and a small variable sheet on the other (see <PDB:1HXR>). A single Zn(2+) ion, coordinated by the thiol groups of cysteine residues from two CxxC motifs located in the βB-βC and βI-βJ loops, appears to play an important structural role by reinforcing the hydrophobic core formed by the βB-βC hairpin, the βG-βH loop, and the central β sheet [2,3,4].

The profile we developed covers the entire MSS4 domain.

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