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OCA domain profile


The 23 amino acid OCA domain, which binds to class II POU domain-containing transcription factors (TFs) and a DNA octamer motif in a bivalent manner, are found in the POU2AF family of coactivators [1,2]:

  • Vertebrate POU2AF1 (OBF-1, Bob1, OCA-B), a B-cell specific coactivator of class II POU TFs POU2F1 (Oct-1) and POU2F2 (Oct-2).
  • Vertebrate POU2AF2 (C11orf53, OCA-T1), a tuft cell specific coactivator of class II POU TF POU2F3 (Oct-11).
  • Vertebrate POU2AF3 (COLCA2, OCA-T2), a tuft cell specific coactivator of class II POU TF POU2F3 (Oct-11).

An OCA domain is also found in another family of cofactors, the nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB inhibitor zeta (IkappaBzeta) proteins, NF-kappaB regulators which function not only as repressors but also as activators of a selective subset of NF-kappaB target genes [3].

The OCA domain is made of a N-terminal extended polypeptide strand and a C-terminal two-turn α helix (see <PDB:1CQT>) [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire OCA domain.

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