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Glutamic acid-rich protein 2 (GARP2) signature


The glutamic acid-rich protein 2 (GARP2 is a soluble retinal protein that exists in rod outer segments but is absent in cones. GARP2 is a product of alternative splicing of the β-subunit of the cGMP-gated ion channel (CNGB1) of rod photoreceptors and contains a unique 8-amino-acid C-terminal extension. It has a high content of proline and glutamate residues. GARP2 has been shown to bind to several retinal proteins including perpherin, and the photoreceptor phosphodiesterase (PDE6) [1,2].

As a signature we used the five last common amino acid and the unique 8-amino-acid C-terminal extension of GARP2.

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1AuthorsPentia D.C. Hosier S. Cote R.H.
TitleThe glutamic acid-rich protein-2 (GARP2) is a high affinity rod photoreceptor phosphodiesterase (PDE6)-binding protein that modulates its catalytic properties.
SourceJ. Biol. Chem. 281:5500-5505(2006).
PubMed ID16407240

2AuthorsGibriel A.A.Y. Tate R.J. Yu Y. Rawson-Lax E. Hammer H.M. Tettey J.N.A. Pyne N.J. Converse C.A.
TitleThe p.Arg86Gln change in GARP2 (glutamic acid-rich protein-2) is a common West African-related polymorphism.
SourceGene 515:155-158(2013).
PubMed ID23201897

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