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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] HISTONE_H2A
Accession [info] PS00046
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00045

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Histone H2A signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_02 which contains 571'282 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 233 in 233 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 227 in 227 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 6 in 6 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 18
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 97.42 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 92.65 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
227 sequences

H2A1A_HUMAN (Q96QV6), H2A1B_HUMAN (P04908), H2A1B_MOUSE (C0HKE1), 
H2A1C_HUMAN (Q93077), H2A1C_MOUSE (C0HKE2), H2A1C_RAT   (P0C169), 
H2A1D_HUMAN (P20671), H2A1D_MOUSE (C0HKE3), H2A1E_MOUSE (C0HKE4), 
H2A1E_RAT   (P0C170), H2A1F_MOUSE (Q8CGP5), H2A1F_RAT   (Q64598), 
H2A1I_MOUSE (C0HKE6), H2A1J_HUMAN (Q99878), H2A1K_MOUSE (Q8CGP7), 
H2A1_ARATH  (Q9C681), H2A1_BOVIN  (P0C0S9), H2A1_CANAL  (Q59SU5), 
H2A1_CANGA  (Q6FWM7), H2A1_DEBHA  (Q6BKW8), H2A1_EREGS  (Q74ZL4), 
H2A1_HUMAN  (P0C0S8), H2A1_LEIIN  (P27891), H2A1_LODEL  (A5DWF1), 
H2A1_MEDTR  (Q2HU68), H2A1_ORYSI  (A2YMC5), H2A1_ORYSJ  (Q6ZL43), 
H2A1_PEA(P25470), H2A1_PICGU  (A5DBG4), H2A1_PICST  (A3LZZ0), 
H2A1_PSAMI  (P04735), H2A1_RAT(P02262), H2A1_SCHPO  (P04909), 
H2A1_SOLLC  (P25469), H2A1_TETPY  (P02274), H2A1_TETTS  (P35065), 
H2A1_WHEAT  (P02275), H2A1_XENLA  (P06897), H2A1_YEAST  (P04911), 
H2A2A_HUMAN (Q6FI13), H2A2A_MOUSE (Q6GSS7), H2A2A_RAT   (P0CC09), 
H2A2B_HUMAN (Q8IUE6), H2A2B_MOUSE (Q64522), H2A2C_BOVIN (A1A4R1), 
H2A2C_HUMAN (Q16777), H2A2C_MOUSE (Q64523), H2A2_ARATH  (Q9LHQ5), 
H2A2_CANAL  (Q59VP2), H2A2_CANGA  (Q6FM31), H2A2_DEBHA  (Q6BRG3), 
H2A2_EREGS  (Q757L4), H2A2_LEIIN  (P27892), H2A2_LODEL  (A5DXS8), 
H2A2_MEDTR  (Q2HU65), H2A2_ORYSI  (A2YMC6), H2A2_ORYSJ  (Q6ZL42), 
H2A2_PEA(P40281), H2A2_PICGU  (A5DJJ2), H2A2_PICST  (A3LXE7), 
H2A2_PSAMI  (P04736), H2A2_SCHPO  (P04910), H2A2_WHEAT  (P02276), 
H2A2_XENLA  (P06898), H2A2_YEAST  (P04912), H2A3_ARATH  (O81826), 
H2A3_CHICK  (P35062), H2A3_HUMAN  (Q7L7L0), H2A3_LYTPI  (P09589), 
H2A3_MEDTR  (Q1S053), H2A3_MOUSE  (Q8BFU2), H2A3_ORYSI  (A2YVE5), 
H2A3_ORYSJ  (Q84NJ4), H2A3_PSAMI  (P69139), H2A3_RAT(Q4FZT6), 
H2A3_STRPU  (P09590), H2A3_VOLCA  (P16865), H2A3_WHEAT  (P02277), 
H2A4_CHICK  (P02263), H2A4_ORYSI  (A2Y5G8), H2A4_ORYSJ  (Q6L500), 
H2A4_PSAMI  (P07793), H2A4_RAT(Q00728), H2A4_VOLCA  (P16866), 
H2A4_WHEAT  (Q43208), H2A5_ARATH  (Q94F49), H2A5_ORYSI  (A2WQG7), 
H2A5_ORYSJ  (Q94E96), H2A5_WHEAT  (Q43213), H2A6_ARATH  (Q9LD28), 
H2A6_ORYSI  (A2XZN0), H2A6_ORYSJ  (Q75L11), H2A6_WHEAT  (Q43214), 
H2A7_ARATH  (Q9FJE8), H2A7_ORYSI  (A2ZK29), H2A7_ORYSJ  (Q2QS71), 
H2A7_WHEAT  (Q43312), H2AE_PSAMI  (P69142), H2AJ_BOVIN  (Q3ZBX9), 
H2AJ_CHICK  (P70082), H2AJ_HUMAN  (Q9BTM1), H2AJ_MACFA  (Q4R3X5), 
H2AJ_MOUSE  (Q8R1M2), H2AJ_RAT(A9UMV8), H2AL_STRPU  (P16886), 
H2AO_CHITH  (Q07135), H2AV1_ORYSJ (Q8H7Y8), H2AV3_ARATH (Q9C944), 
H2AV3_ORYSJ (Q84MP7), H2AV_BOVIN  (Q32LA7), H2AV_CAEEL  (Q27511), 
H2AV_CHICK  (P02272), H2AV_DANRE  (Q71PD7), H2AV_DROME  (P08985), 
H2AV_HUMAN  (Q71UI9), H2AV_MOUSE  (Q3THW5), H2AV_PAGMA  (Q6Y237), 
H2AV_RABIT  (O62695), H2AV_STRPU  (P08991), H2AV_TETTS  (P08992), 
H2AV_XENLA  (Q6GM74), H2AV_XENTR  (Q5BJ65), H2AXA_ARATH (O04848), 
H2AX_DANRE  (Q7ZUY3), H2AX_HUMAN  (P16104), H2AX_MOUSE  (P27661), 
H2AX_PICAB  (P35063), H2AX_TETPY  (P02273), H2AX_TETTS  (P35064), 
H2AX_XENLA  (Q6GM86), H2AY_CAPO3  (A0A0D2UG83), H2AZL_XENLA (P70094), 
H2AZ_MOUSE  (P0C0S6), H2AZ_ONCMY  (P22647), H2AZ_PICGU  (A5DQL2), 
H2AZ_SCHPO  (P48003), H2AZ_SHEEP  (Q6YNC8), H2AZ_USTMA  (Q4PHE4), 
H2AZ_YARLI  (Q6C341), H2AZ_YEAST  (Q12692), H2A_ACIGU   (C0HJQ3), 
H2A_ACRFO   (P35061), H2A_AGABI   (Q9HGX4), H2A_ASPCL   (A1CJ10), 
H2A_ASPFU   (Q4WWC6), H2A_ASPNC   (P0C953), H2A_ASPNG   (P0C952), 
H2A_ASPOR   (Q2U5A8), H2A_ASPTN   (Q0CBD2), H2A_ASTRU   (P02269), 
H2A_BOTFB   (O74268), H2A_BUFGR   (P55897), H2A_CAEEL   (P09588), 
H2A_CAIMO   (P13912), H2A_CHAGB   (Q2HH37), H2A_CHITH   (P21896), 
H2A_CHLRE   (P50567), H2A_COCIM   (Q1E5N1), H2A_CRYNB   (P0CN99), 
H2A_CRYNJ   (P0CN98), H2A_DROER   (P84052), H2A_DROHY   (P84053), 
H2A_DROME   (P84051), H2A_DROSI   (P84054), H2A_DROYA   (P84055), 
H2A_EMENI   (P08844), H2A_EUGGR   (P40279), H2A_EUPCP   (C0HJB7), 
H2A_EUPES   (Q9M531), H2A_GIBZE   (Q4HTT1), H2A_HIPHI   (P59890), 
H2A_KLULA   (Q6CK59), H2A_MAIZE   (P40280), H2A_MYTCA   (Q6WV66), 
H2A_MYTCH   (Q6WV69), H2A_MYTED   (Q8I0T3), H2A_MYTGA   (Q6WV88), 
H2A_MYTTR   (Q6WV67), H2A_NEOFI   (A1D8G8), H2A_NEUCR   (Q8X132), 
H2A_ONCMY   (P02264), H2A_PARAN   (P69140), H2A_PARLI   (P13630), 
H2A_PENVA   (Q6PV61), H2A_PETCR   (P19177), H2A_PHANO   (Q0U1A1), 
H2A_PLADU   (P19178), H2A_PLAFA   (P40282), H2A_PODAS   (Q875B8), 
H2A_PYRO3   (L7HZV6), H2A_PYRO7   (P0CT12), H2A_RHYAM   (P84056), 
H2A_SEPOF   (P02268), H2A_SIPNU   (P02270), H2A_SPHLA   (P0DQL2), 
H2A_STRPU   (P69141), H2A_TIGCA   (P84057), H2A_TRYCR   (P35066), 
H2A_URECA   (P27325), H2A_USTMA   (Q4PEF9)
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False negative sequences
18 sequences

H2A4_ARATH  (Q9LZ46), H2A8_ORYSI  (A2ZK26), H2AB1_HUMAN (P0C5Y9), 
H2AB2_HUMAN (P0C5Z0), H2AL3_HUMAN (A0A3B3IU63), H2AV1_ARATH (O23628), 
H2AV2_ORYSJ (Q8S857), H2AV3_DICDI (Q54HV7), H2AX_DICDI  (Q54WG6), 
H2AZ_NEUCR  (Q873G4), H2A_ENCCU   (Q8SSG3), H2A_YARLI   (Q6C4I6)
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

H2A_OLILU   (P82897)

False positive sequences
6 sequences

CBH_CLOPE   (P54965), COXX_HYPNA  (Q0C3D1), MCD4_ASPFU  (Q4W9R7), 
NGCG_STRCO  (O50501), NU6M_ALBCA  (P48922), Y070_ANAMM  (Q5PBU4)
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